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Who Was the Last Politician You Admired?

We’re honored to have a guest post today from friend-of-the-blog, the ‘Deja Reviewer‘. His post asks a reasonable question, and in light of the actions of so many recently in elected office, it’s probably a question more folks should be asking more often.



When was the last time you truly admired an elected official who represents you? And when I say “admire”, I specifically mean that you understand that this individual:

  • Put their pride aside and always tried to do the right thing.
  • Served his/her constituents rather than seeking power for its own sake.
  • Was morally upright in his/her personal life.
  • Was the kind of person you aspire to be.


How many spring to mind?

Can you think of one?

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The Tyranny of Arbitrary Laws

Is the United States still the “Land Of The Free”? Well, most of us certainly go through our day believing we are.

Part of that belief is an assumption that, as long as we don’t try to do something wrong, illicit, or illegal, we won’t run afoul of the law. We also assume that if someone DOES blatantly break the law, they’ll be punished for it. Quickly and fairly, those people will be carted off to jail.

monopoly117In years past both of those may have been safe assumptions, yet increasingly they’re no longer the case.

We’re seeing reports almost daily: from the incarceration of the 19-year-old young man who cracked a joke (in extremely bad taste, I agree, but still …just a joke) on Facebook, to the arrest of the 8th-grade kid who refused to remove his NRA t-shirt, to the non-arrest of David Gregory when he openly flouted the actual gun laws of Washington DC late last year.

When kids are threatened with jail for merely wearing clothes, and TV personalities are excused for breaking the law because prosecuting them “would not promote public safety…”, we’ve established two sets of laws:

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In the new War On Terror, WE are the targets…

Saw an old Far Side comic the other day, and it got me to thinking about Islamic Terrorism. Here, take a look:


This is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish in the current version of the War On Terror: we’re pushing really, really hard on a door which is clearly marked ‘Pull’.

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The Things We Leave Behind

Carl's ballastFunny how a computer-animated kids’ movie can make you think, make you weep…

…the image of a grumpy, squarish old man pushing all his worldly possessions out his front door so that he is light enough (literally) to go on the adventure he is meant to have.

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s UP, that image won’t ring a bell, but I hope it still rings true:  a person with a lifetime of stuff suddenly realizes that it is weighing him down.  He jettisons ALL of it, so that he can pursue–again literally–an important relationship, and maybe even save a life or two.

UP posterI’d seen this film two or three times already, but got to watch bits of it daily last week as I introduced it to my granddaughter.  Like most movies she sees for the first time, she then asks for it every day for a while, and I get to know it very, very well. (This makes it important to only present her with quality movies–and Pixar films generally stand up to many repeated watchings.)

I didn’t expect to be suddenly choked up during that scene on the fifth or sixth viewing, and to have to hunt for a Kleenex. But it suddenly struck me as such a graphic image, such a powerful metaphor. How easily we get tied to our possessions, the detritus of a lifetime.

How much of what I hold onto, I wondered, thinking of it as blessing… is actually a burden?

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D-Day: June 6, 1944

The Economics of “Confidence”

LombardiVince Lombardi, the iconic coach of the Green Bay Packers, was responsible for a number of now-famous quotes during his career, but maybe none as famous as this one:

“Confidence is contagious.

So is lack of confidence.”

This mantra for mental attitude (which I first heard from an old coach of mine as a teenager) is being proven on a daily basis in our country today, and I maintain that if it’s not reversed quickly, it will have far-ranging effects on our national psyche.

Lombardi’s aphorism applies directly to our economy, as I believe we are suffering from a national Lack of Confidence. We’ve been enduring a moribund economy for so long now, many of us have forgotten what a good one actually looks like. The reasons for our economic doldrums are complex and varied: current tax policy, the Fed’s monetary policy, “Green Energy“, Unemployment, and many more.

But just as much as any of the factors I listed above, the perceived economic climate is as much or more to blame for the continuation of our troubles as any measurable economic data points. What I mean by that is: do the folks who risk money (in order to make more money) believe that the climate exists here for them to maximize their chance for success?

Largely, the answer to that is a resounding “No”.

And in my humble opinion, the cause for that perception stems directly from the current Administration.

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The State can’t Protect you, …but it doesn’t want You to Protect YOURSELF, either

Two news items, both from Oregon, and both dealing with the right and ability to defend yourself. Apparently, the fine folks in Oregon are intent on having you as defenseless as possible.

The first one is from a week or so back, and received scant attention before the Memorial Day Weekend. From CBSLocal.com:

911 emergencyAn Oregon woman was told by a 911 dispatcher that authorities wouldn’t be able be able to help her as her ex-boyfriend broke into her place, because of budget cuts.

Oregon Public Radio reports that an unidentified woman called 911 during a weekend in August 2012 while Michael Bellah was breaking into her place. Her call was forwarded to Oregon State Police because of lay-offs at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office only allows the department to be open Monday through Friday.

“Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there,” the 911 dispatcher told the woman. “You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, …can you ask him to go away?

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Memorial Day Tribute…


The video below is still the best, most stirring Memorial Day Tribute I’ve ever found.

May God Bless our brave military men and women, too many of whom have sacrificed EVERYTHING to protect our freedom. They are the reason we can spend today cooking hot dogs and hamburgers with our family.

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