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Obama’s Warped Vision of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’

Robert - DejaReviewerIt is plainly evident that President Barack Obama doesn’t respect the Constitution of the United States. He’s content to sidestep Congress in order to illegally appoint people to Cabinet positions, change existing laws on his latest whim, and completely ignore laws with which he doesn’t agree.

Why is he setting so many dangerous precedents? Even if you favor his policies, it should concern all of us that he’s being so brazen in overstepping his Constitutional authority to implement them.

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LESSONS IN LOGIC: ‘Federal’ Does NOT Mean National

A well-written (and sadly necessary) reminder about what our country was always intended to be. And if it’s to survive, …what it MUST become again.


And Therein Lies The Origin Of Many Of Our Problems: Our Own Ignorance

Today, the federal government has usurped much of the authority our founders had left to and intended to remain with the States, as well as the People.  The federal government has been able to get away with doing this for many reasons.  Primarily, it is because we, the people, have become lazy and apathetic.  We are also greedy.  Thus, we willingly vote for people who promise to give us something we haven’t earned and do not deserve.  In doing so, we are electing our own masters for the promise of a few crumbs from our neighbor’s table.  But it is also because we have become an ignorant people.  If only we understood the English language, maybe we would understand that the very word ‘federal’ is a limit on the government.

To demonstrate how wise our founders were…

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