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Obama’s FTC wants to “protect” you from the unscrupulous business practices of …your local Music Teacher

Like a towering regulatory tsunami, our benevolent Federal Government is sending a huge wave of brand new regulations crashing across the nation. And getting to higher ground won’t help matters, I’m afraid.

It’s been a busy year for our Federal Busybodies. Among the hundreds of brand new directives, they’ve added the FDA’s proposed ban of trans fats, the FTC’s new rule on the Hart-Scott-Rodino procedures for pharmaceutical companies, and the EPA revealing that they’re planning on rolling out 134 new environmental regulations in 2014 (which was announced on the day before Thanksgiving, so it would go largely unnoticed. Nice…).


But for a taste of just how petty and nonsensical some of these new regs are, I’ve got a doozy that’s received scant attention from the media.

It seems that our government wishes to “protect” us from the unscrupulous business practices of …your local piano teacher:

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The proposed Ban of Trans Fats is the first of many #Obamacare “improvements” in our lives

Lost among the Keystone Kops-ish foibles of the Healthcare.gov roll-out is the ubiquitous iron fist of government coercion: comply, or else.

The newest target of the federal “Two Minutes Hate”? None other than trans fats, which may soon be disappearing from your local grocery store’s shelves:

The doctor makes a highly salient point here: we’re ALREADY seeing a tremendous reduction in trans fat consumption, falling from an intake average of 4.6 grams/day in 2003 to only 1 gram/day in 2012.

So why the sudden push to make it illegal?

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After this Judge’s decision, I gotta ask: What does “being a kid” even MEAN these days?

“It’s for the children”.


Just say those four words to any number of people nowadays, and you’ll elicit an involuntary shudder from them.  That’s because more and more, “the children” are used as an all-purpose bludgeon by one particular group to get their way (*cough*… Liberals!!… *cough*). And generally we find out later that these arguments have either nothing to do with kids, or has actually made them less safe, not more.

Seriously: you see. And hear. New uses. Of this rationale. Seemingly. Every. Single. Day.

So much so that I barely batted an eye when I read the following on CNN:

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