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It’s Not About the Bread

Recieving Communion #2It’s the first Sunday of the month, and in our congregation that means Communion Sunday.  I know that Christians of a variety of denominations visit this site, and this is not a post about how one differs from another in the way the eucharist is celebrated. It’s about motives and spirit, not mode or outward appearance. 

I wrote this in 2008. I’m a theater person and I think in scripts. This is my imaginary take on John 6:25-59. Continue reading

What does it really mean to be ‘thankful’?

We realize that this blog tends to focus on the negative…pointing out evil and absurdity, as we see them; they are far too easy to find.  

Here’s some respite, some thoughts which focus entirely on what is positive.  


I didn’t grow up saying grace.  I didn’t grow up thinking ‘grace’.  I didn’t understand grace, and I couldn’t define it.  But after nearly thirty years of adulthood, and being an active Christ-follower, I was pretty sure that I could define “grace” in a pinch.

Until recently.

I was reading Colossians in my Greek Interlinear New Testament.  (Don’t be too impressed…I only know enough Greek to be dangerous.)  I was looking at the word translated as “thanksgiving” or “gratitude.”  It looked like “eucharist.”  That can’t be right.  Eucharist has to do with communion, I thought. Continue reading