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EXPOSED: Obama’s lack of leadership

The Obama administration’s scurrying away from the statements of the US Embassy in Cairo is a hugely telling sign for the American people. It says all we need to know about Obama’s utter lack of leadership, as well as his dearth of business and administrative experience.

We covered the ugly timeline of events yesterday as well as this morning, but that only tells the result of the problem. The actual cause is that Obama is fluent in arousing people’s emotions, but not in directing people’s actions. He’s not a manager; he’s an instigator.

Any Fortune 500 middle-manager will tell you that they are entrusted with a specific authority with their title and pay-grade. This is why you often need to be referred up the chain when you have a complaint with an AT&T®, or a Best Buy®.

However, when you get to a certain managerial level, that person was hired and trained to take in all the pertinent information and make the appropriate call. It’s what they do. If they need to call in the higher-ups every time a crisis occurs, they’ll soon be replaced, since they aren’t performing one of their more essential duties.

The US Embassy in Cairo’s statement and Tweet which has caused so much consternation was the result of their obvious understanding that they were acting on Obama’s behalf, and in his best interests. It’s an Embassy, for goodness sake: their only job was to communicate! The Administration’s backing away from this statement is empty and self-serving, and also completely devoid of reality.

In the Real World, when one of your handpicked surrogates says or does something on your behalf, you have to live with it. You can apologize for it, but you certainly can’t disavow it, as if it has nothing more to do with you than graffiti spray-painted on your building.

The Real World doesn’t work that way.

President Obama has spent the last several years bowing and apologizing to every foreign leader who will stand still for five seconds. THAT is why our Embassy released the statement: they were simply echoing the blatant point-of-view which we’ve all witnessed repeatedly put forth by this administration. Obama’s effort to weasel out of  accountability for it comes off as craven, cowardly, and disingenuous.

In short, President Xerxes is desperately trying to maintain his aura of ‘Smart Power’, which has proven to be barely a mirage.

I hope he has his resumé up to snuff; he’s going to need it shortly.