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Being “Discriminating” when it comes to #Immigration would be a GOOD thing….

Had a discussion with a young man the other day about why “discrimination” was not inherently a bad thing.

Now, that sentence will make some people immediately go “Whaaaat??”, but before they rush to burn me at the stake, kindly recall what “to discriminate” meant originally. Coming from the Latin discriminatus (which is the past participle of discriminare), the word literally means “to distinguish between”, and dates back to the 1620’s. Even its secondary definition is “to use good judgement”.

So, whenever we have to decide between one option or the other (soup or a sandwich? Coke or Pepsi? Ginger or Mary Ann?), we’re being “discriminating”…, as well as eminently logical.

Ginger or MAry Ann

…when I was 13, Gilligan WAS my hero…

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“Jesus Stomp” – Chapter 3: Is this FINALLY resolved?

We’ve been covering this for days now, and depending on which report you read, it’s either still ongoing or it’s finally settled.

If you are new to this discussion, you’d be advised to go HERE first, and then HERE, before reading any further.

stompOkay, all caught up now?

Now over the weekend (either Friday or Saturday), we’d heard the school issue a classic “non-apology” apology, which basically gave the impression they felt they’d done nothing improper by way of the course or the offensive exercise.

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“Jesus Stomping” Update

**NOTICE: this story has been updated for the final time, HERE…**


This story has gotten quite a bit of national attention in the past few days, thanks to the internet. This blog has certainly had an uptick in traffic because of JTR’s own blog post on the subject last week.

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