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OUT: “Comparing apples and oranges”. IN: “Comparing Apple and #Obamacare…”:

This really doesn’t require any commentary from me:

However, I’ll also share with you Chip Bok’s rather similar take:

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The President: “Who ya’ gonna believe – ME, or your own lyin’ eyes?”

For weeks, we’ve been bombarded with “Sequester = Death” via every news outlet and our President himself.

Or, basically, a 24/7 message which can be boiled down to:


Astonishingly, the media may actually be catching on to this scam. Ed over at HotAir.com quoted the National Journal, saying “…(the Obama White House’s) best-case political course hinges on the economy screeching to a halt“.

And then, similarly, you had this from the Washington Post:

Over the past week, President Obama has painted a picture of impending disaster, warning of travel delays, laid-off firefighters and pre-schoolers tossed out of Head Start.

Conservatives accuse Obama of exaggerating the impact, and some White House allies worry the slow-moving sequester may fail to live up to the hype.

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The coming Horrors of Obamacare…

An excellent overview of the coming disaster which is Obamacare. We cannot, we MUST not, meekly “accept” it….

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

 By Tom Quiner

Newt Gingrich said it first: we’re going to need a ton of new doctors to accommodate the demands of Obamacare.

Quiner’s Diner is spending time on Obamacare this week because it is a reality. Last week’s election results suggest it will be around for awhile.

The reality, or perhaps unreality would be a better word, of Obamacare is setting in. For example, we’re not going to have enough doctors to do all the things the law demands.

A key point of Obamacare was to get more people health insurance. Some 42 million were uninsured depending on who you listened to. Obamacare won’t get them all insurance, but more will be insured.

That means we’re going to need more doctors.

But Obamacare doesn’t create more doctors.

It gets worse. It requires a long list of “free” preventative screenings in health insurance plans. To name a few …

  • “FREE”…

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We can DO this!!! (…all the reasons you’ll ever need to vote FOR Romney and AGAINST Obama…)

You know what you have to do today:

So with that in mind, we’re including just a FEW reminders for you…



Religion is free, …or NOTHING is free


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