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Of course: Republicans “just want people to starve…”

Pointing out the solely liberal phenomenon of casting any-and-all disagreement as “hate”, or some other similarly maximized pejorative, is hardly a new thought, I admit.

The examples are legion: in Salon, or the DailyKos, or simply tune into MSNBC on virtually any night of the week, and you’ll get a bellyful of it. Worse, they are simply voicing the same opinion (and often echoing the same language) as elected liberal Democrats in Congress, who seem to delight in ascribing the most horrific intentions to anyone who dares disagree with their policy goals.

Jerry Nadler (Democrat - NY)

Jerry Nadler  (Democrat – NY)

But this is an especially perfect example: Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler of New York, who was recently asked about his “No” vote on the Farm Bill:

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