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A Titantic Insult …

Now I think I’ve heard it all.   Luxury liner MS Balmoral embarked on April 9 for a twelve-day cruise that will trace the route of the doomed ship RMS Titanic which hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland 100 years ago today.  Aboard are 1,309 passengers, the exact number (not including crew) from the original ship.   History buffs and some descendants of Titanic victims are reported to be among the guests on board, who will experience a voyage much like that of the fated ship–minus the actual collision.

I understand that there is a certain awe and significance in round numbers.  Centennial celebrations or memorials make sense.  We should acknowledge a terrible maritime tragedy, in an “on-this-date-in-history” way.  We should even do all we can to learn from it.

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