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The Only Causes Worth Fighting For

Conservatives, libertarians, and other guardians of liberty today remind me a lot of Jefferson Smith from the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Like Smith, conservatives stand in awe of the U.S. Constitution and the wonderful institutions it created to preserve their freedoms. But then reality hits and they realize that their cherished freedoms are being eroded in the name of graft and good intentions.

It might seem hopeless to turn things around when so much damage has been done. But as Smith rightfully points out, “Lost causes… are the only causes worth fighting for.” That’s because if we are on the right side, it doesn’t matter who opposes us: truth must prevail.

Jefferson Smith pleads with the senior Senator to do what's right during his filibuster

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington provides a blueprint for today’s battle and it offers hope that we can win. I’d like to compare that film’s events to our day and express optimism for the future.

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“Investment” in green energy is an abject failure. Would someone please inform our President?

“We need to invest for the future.”

That used to refer to your own retirement portfolio, or maybe even a rainy-day fund. In the past three years, however, it has a new meaning: let’s spend tax dollars on “green” companies that may or may not work out.


You have no doubt heard the argument FOR giving money to these firms: we need to flush our money away assist them so they’ll be on an even footing with foreign green energy companies; this technology is the wave of the future, yada, yada, yada……

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