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DUMB & DUMBER: Colorado legislators Ulaberri and Salazar offer “alternatives” to having a gun.

Anytime that someone says the Left is so good at messaging, I laugh. They’re even more hapless than the GOP can sometimes be. The difference is that when the Left says something dumb, their media friends don’t repeat it. Ever.

And as if by request, the Rocky Mountain state decided to give us TWO examples which will never, ever appear on the NBC Nightly News. Here’s the first one:

Yes!! You don’t require a gun, because if someone tries to hurt you, you always have the option of whipping out your trusty PaperMate® pen to fend off your attacker.

Maybe Democratic State Senator Ulaberri thinks that’s what they meant in the old westerns when someone said “Draw”…?


And as bad as that was, this next one is possibly even worse.  

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An Informed Opinion on Gun Control

The attached post is by far the most complete treatment of the subject I’ve seen anywhere recently. Its author says that until his suggestion is honestly considered, any alleged “national conversation” isn’t a debate, it’s a “lecture”…and he’s 100% right.


So please, take a few minutes and read it. It will either (A) change your mind completely, (B) reinforce what you already believe, or (C) leave you tremendously more informed on this subject than you were 10 minutes ago.