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When Obama speaks of “Freedom”, he doesn’t mean what you THINK he means…

gregwardwv“…Did you see that amazing football game this weekend?…”

That’s a question millions of Americans ask each other every week throughout the fall and early winter. Whether you prefer high school, college or the NFL is irrelevant: it is the nation’s unquestioned #1 sport, and everyone knows precisely what is meant upon hearing the question.

And yet: what happens if you ask the same question of an Englishman? Instantaneously, he’ll picture images of a soccer field in a rowdy stadium, with the latest exploits of Manchester United or some other local club replaying in his mind.

We purportedly speak the same language (English), and use the exact same word (“football”). The actual understood meanings of that word, however, are completely different.

And so it is with Barack Obama and “freedom”. Whenever he speaks of it, our president is supposedly speaking the same language as the country he leads, and yet “freedom” to Mr. Obama most certainly doesn’t mean what it does to you and me.

…and it certainly doesn’t mean what our Founders intended, either.

Bill Of Rights 1776

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Clearly Their Mental State is Not Normal

A brilliant post from our buddy Greg, over at “In Veritate Fortitudo“…..

30 years ago today- Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire” speech

One of The Gipper’s best. This is kinda’ long (a half-hour), but worth the investment.

At the very LEAST watch the first 6:10 of it. Even just that abbreviated viewing shows the “essential” Reagan: funny, gracious, self-effacing, and mindful of God’s Hand in all matters.

And then, stick around for lines like this:Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.

T.B Rickert's Call

30 years ago today President Ronald Reagan addressed the National Associations of Evangelicals. While the speech is most memorable for Reagan calling the Soviet Union an evil empire, it is a fabulously spiritual speech. A speech I do not think a President or presidential candidate can give today without some fool attempting to ask them: “How old is the earth?”

I’m not going to take up your time, with my words. The speech is about 30 minutes long take the time to listen and reflect upon what has become of the country since this speech.

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