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In honor of the #NFLPlayoffs: “Football vs Baseball” by George Carlin

One of my all-time favorite comedy routines.

This bit by George Carlin is a remarkably insightful and humorous take on the differences between our National Pastime (baseball) and the Country’s Greatest Sport (football).

But here’s a hint: football wins.

football vs baseball 212

If you haven’t seen it before, this is classic Carlin. Of particular note is the lack of any “language warning”: there’s none necessary, I promise.

Which is just one more reason I love it.

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The Three Little Pigs, Shakespeare-style

3 Little Pigs

art by M. Engelbreit

In case you missed this when it went viral on YouTube, John Branyan, a Christian comedian, does this wonderful routine which is probably á propos of nothing whatsoever in the news this week.

However, I’d like to point out three very important factors which make it immensely apt for inclusion on our blog today:

1.  It is highbrow humor, and we here at Thabto like to give a nod to culture, from time to time.

2.  It is patriotic.  But you won’t know that unless you actually click on the link and watch the entire video. Go do your duty!

birthday cake3.  Today is my brother JTR’s birthday, and I wanted to do something to make him laugh.  ‘Cause he’s so good at doing that for me.

Enjoy, folks!  Plenty of time to be serious again tomorrow…

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Christmas Eve Funnies

In the spirit of giving, here are a handful of clean Christmas comics to enjoy and share with YOUR friends!   Relax and remember:  if you haven’t finished everything on your Christmas agenda by now, it’s too late anyway!  


Here are two cartoonists who understand the post-modern dilemma of Santa Claus:

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