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A Typical Day In A Liberal Utopia

I’m eternally grateful to our buddy Cosmo for listening to NPR, so that I don’t have to…

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From NPR:

“During a conversation between a reporter and community activists on Chicago’s South Side, gunshots not more than 100 feet away shattered an otherwise quiet afternoon. After the initial shock wore off, the neighborhood leaders expressed their frustration over their community’s connection with gun violence and engaged in a deep conversation about its underlying causes — and what can be done to solve them.”

Listen to the whole story but here’s basically what happened – A reporter was talking to a neighborhood leader on her front porch when a person gets out of a car, stands in the middle of the street with a semiautomatic rifle, shoots about a dozen rounds at a van then calmly gets back in the car and chases after the van.

This happened during the day in a residential area where kids were playing nearby.

Starting at the 3:45 mark the NPR reporter…

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Attention Fast Food workers: you are ALREADY obsolete

***UPDATE – September 5th, 2014:  Since the Fast Food Workers of the nation are once again agitating for an artificially higher wage than what the market dictates, it seems that they need yet another reminder of exactly how essential their “profession” truly is… ***


mcdonalds_logo 5555They never learn.

(via the Chicago Tribune) – “…A few hundred fast food workers in Chicago on Wednesday voted to join a national one-day strike against their employers on May 15.  Strikes are planned for 150 cities, including New York City.  —  The workers say they want $15 per hour wages and to form a union that would bargain over benefits and wages on their behalf. Fast food workers in Chicago make about $8.25 per hour, the state’s minimum wage…”

Now, many of us have spent some amount of time employed in a Wendy’s, McDonald’s or a Burger King, commonly back when we were in our teens: the hours are flexible, and the level of mental effort required is minimal (at best). Entry level employment in this industry is usually considered to be a stepping stone on to greater things, whether that means a management position within the fast food chain, or a different job altogether.

So with all that in mind, any Fast Food folks who think striking is their Key To Success…may wish to rethink that strategy.

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