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Jay Carney tries to spin Obama’s “Keep Your Doctor” promise…

Haven’t seen tap-dancing like this since Fred and Ginger:

Absolutely classic.

First of all, please note yet another attempt at indirectly blaming Republicans for this epic monstrosity, with Carney’s “…using a model from a Republican governor in Massachusetts…” line. For the eighty millionth time, just because something is popular in one state does NOT mean that it should be embraced by the entire nation through federal mandates.

Carney - Lying

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FINALLY: Media begins asking real questions of Carney and the Obama Administration

Been a rather busy news day, and I only have a few minutes here.

No time for a write-up; I’ll just link the videos. You’ll have to trust me: you WANT to watch both of these.

And by the way, as much as I think that Carney is a sniveling little ratfink, I honestly don’t envy his job right now. The phrase “defending the indefensible” comes to mind.

(***Thanks to Lachlan Markay , HotAir and AceOfSpadesHQ for the vids).