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The #IRS “doesn’t have time” to answer your calls. Wanna guess why?


Two different news items came out today about the IRS, and as yet they haven’t been tied together. But if you think about it, they mesh perfectly.

The first one is the same disturbing-yet-true story we hear every year: IRS Customer Service is horrible/pathetic/non-existent. Yes, we know. And water is wet. Got it.

Actually, I wrote about this last year:

(from February, 2013) – “…more than 115 million people called the IRS for help; only 68 percent of those who wanted to speak with tax experts actually got through — and only after holding for an average of 17 minutes on phone lines. One million of the 10 million written inquiries mailed to the IRS last year also did not get a response…”

And apparently the story hasn’t changed much since then:

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Our Petty President’s Political Petulance (*VIDEO*)

boohoo3The White House miscalculated mightily on the whole Sequester Fear-athon, and they’ve been taking it on the chin in the polls ever since. The pathetically insignificant cuts in the rate of spending happened, the world didn’t end, and we’re still borrowing approximately $.35 of every dollar spent.

So why would Obama-&-Company continue this deplorable tactic?

C’mon, you know why:

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IRS problems have nothing to do with Budget Cuts…

Our Federal Government has now, officially, “jumped the shark” with this Sequester nonsense.

Just read a story in Politico which reported (with no sense of satire or sarcasm) that the potential budget cuts in the IRS:

“…will most likely translate to fewer specialists on hand to help taxpayers with their returns and to root out fraud — two tasks that watchdog groups say need more, not fewer, hands.”

Oh, the horror!

This just shows how desperate the Obama White House has to be, if they’re willing to trot out the IRS as a reason not to endure the world’s tiniest budget cut (and yes, I know, it’s not even a real “cut”).

paper cut

The Internal Revenue Service may be the least popular Government Agency in existence. This isn’t entirely their fault: “tax collector” has had a deservedly poor reputation since before the Bible went to press. But I still laughed out loud at the notion we’re supposed to be trembling with anxiety over the IRS’s dilemma. After all, if they really wanted to “root out fraud”, all they’d need to do is walk down the hall, considering how many folks in the White House (and throughout the Federal Government itself) owe back taxes.

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