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Are you planning on paying for your kid’s college? Good luck with that…

I have two sons, and I have no idea if they’ll be going to college.

Now don’t misunderstand: both of my boys are extremely bright (my admitted parental bias notwithstanding). My concerns are twofold: one is the Anti-American, Leftist agenda that I see being forced into the schools, and the other is cost.

We’ve previously addressed my first concern, with our school’s (Kindergarten through Graduate school) overarching goal apparently being the creation of one class of “Generation Cupcake” after another, so I’m going to skip that for today.

StudentDebtMy second concern (COST) is just as problematic, and just as unnecessary.

From Reuters.com:

NEW YORK, Feb 26 (Reuters) – With rising U.S. college costs and too many options, parents are saving less than they expected for their children’s higher education.

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