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The Logic of a Toddler…Sadly Similar to Adults’ Today

kid in bubble bathMy two-year-old granddaughter was happily splashing in her tub, enjoying from head to toe the profusion of bubbles that I’d allowed her. When she announced she was ready to get out, I said, “OK, let me rinse you off first.”

“No! No!” she shrieked.  I turned on the water and got the handheld shower head ready, stood her up (not without a struggle) and sprayed the soap suds off her, all while she complained loudly. When I turned the water off and deposited her on my lap in a towel, she said grumpily, “Now I’m all wet!”

Isn’t this just like all us big humans? If we’re in a situation which we have chosen, we’re fine. But if we find ourselves in the same circumstances dictated by someone else, we cry “Foul!”

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