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Because they’re “journalists”: MSNBC interrupts congressional interview for …Justin Bieber

msnbc 2

Most of us are aware of MSNBC’s well-publicized struggles with ratings. And for some insight as to why that continues to be the case, I humbly offer the following video clip:

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The 2nd Beat-Down of the week: John Sununu makes Andrea Mitchell appear even dimmer than usual

A second post today for 2 reasons:

  1. This interview (below) shows the best way to deal with liberal Media suits: facts logic. All the press has to fight back with are the DNC/MediaMatters talking points du jour, which crumble to dust in the light of logic and those pesky darned facts.
  2. Also, since this appeared on MSNBC, that means that virtually no one actually saw this. And, if they did, they probably only witnessed the first minute of it, which has gotten a bit of replay around the web. The entire interview is a ‘must watch’.

I have new respect for Sununu every time I see him. As with his VP pick of Ryan, having this guy as one of your surrogates was a great administrative call by Romney.