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#CommonCore is not the problem; the IDEA of Common Core is the problem…

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More than any other aspect of the new Common Core curriculum right now, what I fear most is its top-down control, its federal centralization of power.

Much as we are seeing with Obamacare, and in direct contradistinction to the Free Market, centralized power is not nimble: it’s clumsy and slow, and is particularly susceptible to corruption. Which means that no matter how pure its ideals or what standards are set initially, eventually a monolithic federal agency is going to be riddled with all of the graft and spectacular inefficiency of any OTHER government bureaucracy.

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Who is “Non-essential”? Obviously, our Government thinks that WE are….


bill-whittle 33When President Obama rolled-out the first act of his “Shutdown Theater”, my very first thoughts went back to his ‘We’re all gonna die‘ warnings of the Sequester. 

Which is why I re-posted Bill Whittle’s brilliant take on the Sequester from earlier this year, even though I figured Bill would eventually get around to opining on our current idiocy, as well…

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“What Difference Does it Make” (VIDEO by Bill Whittle)

Bill Whittle covers some of the past week’s events, placing them into much-needed context:

Hillary testifyingHillary testifying before Congress, when she gave her now-infamous “What difference does it make” retort?

John Kerry,  who is (*shudder*) replacing her as Secretary of State?

Whittle nails them both, and more, with deadly accuracy.


Honestly, I should probably start playing the old Carly Simon hit “Nobody Does it Better” whenever I include a clip from this guy:

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