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NOW they tell us: #Obamacare is a “Redistributionist Law”

Being an old Sales Guy, I’m particularly aware of any time someone is trying to “sell” me on anything.

Sales pitches in and of themselves are completely fine. My issue is with scammers, preying on people with pitches which are plainly, blatantly dishonest. So when I hear how a product will cure all of what ails me, while it simultaneously cleans my toilets and saves me gobs of cash, my sales-specific Spidey Sense kicks into overdrive.

Which is no doubt why I was immediately suspicious of the superlatives and proclamations accompanying the push to enact Obamacare originally. It was as if this one law was somehow a magical Nautilus machine, Viagra, and Hair Club For Men all rolled into one. And to reap the rewards of this wondrous, Unicorn-fueled legislation, all I had to do was repeat the words “Yes, We Can!!” over and over to myself, while trying very hard to not question how it’d all work.

Snake Oil - Obama

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Worse than the Administration’s #Obamacare Lies? The Smug, Condescending TONE of their Lies.

This is now officially THE new Democrat talking point: 

Wow, that simply reeks of disdain for (A) the intelligence of the American people, collectively, and (B) the intelligence of the Left’s followers, specifically.

I’ll get into this more in a second, but first watch this clip from Megyn Kelly’s show and listen for the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT.

This is not a coincidence:

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“Magical Thinking” at the heart of #Obamacare’s failure…

I read a wonderful post from Mary Katherine Ham, where she neatly summed-up the overriding flaw in the Obama Administration specifically, and Leftist thinking in general:

“…Obama thinks when he says things, they just happen. There’s no small part of his entire candidacy and presidency founded on a sort of magical thinking.

magic hat 757

His presence would fix Washington even as he did nothing to fix it and exacerbated many of its worst features. His words would heal our divides and probably the ocean. It’s not surprising that his signature law would be animated by a lot of the same.

He said “Travelocity for health care,” didn’t he?

He said Benghazi’s perpetrators would be brought to justice, didn’t he?

He said the IRS acted inappropriately, didn’t he?

Problem solved…”

Mary Katherine is more correct here than I think she even knows.

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#Obamacare’s pitchman, President Barack “Joe Isuzu” Obama

“The product is good. The health insurance that’s being provided is good.

It’s high quality, and it’s affordable. People can save money, significant money, by getting insurance that’s being provided through these marketplaces.”  – (Pres. B. Obama, 10-21-13)

Car salesman Obama

Is it just me, or was the President’s speech yesterday eerily reminiscent of another famously truth-challenged pitchman:

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Insurance 101: Why #Obamacare WON’T (and CAN’T) Work…

A quick Flashback for everyone:

Wow!! That sounds so incredibly…. like not what is happening, at all.

Health care costs are going up in most states, partially due to Obamacare’s Minimum Coverage levels. Accordingly, many catastrophic-type policies which were especially popular among the young-and-healthy crowd will no longer be sold, as they fall below the new, arbitrary minimums allowed by the new law. And, all things being equal, more coverage means more cost. -your-own-money Oh sure, some folks will qualify for subsidies, but that just means that Big Daddy Government is paying for part (or all) of the premium. And THAT means, of course, that WE are paying for those lower premiums. That’s not lowering the cost: that’s merely reassigning who pays for the cost.

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THE solution to #Obamacare, and Healthcare costs in general

Even as we speed towards the complete destruction that is Obamacare (aka ‘the Affordable Health Care for America Act‘), we are lied to repeatedly by various folks saying that this is the best (and really, only) solution to the rapidly rising costs of healthcare.

health-costs 1Which, of course, is ridiculous.

The REAL solution to the spiraling costs of healthcare is, by contrast, pretty darn simple:

–Pay cash for the health-related services which you can afford, and only use insurance to cover the items which you cannot readily afford–

I know that this flies in the face of our current experience, since we are now accustomed to presenting our insurance card for everyday doctor visits, checkups and even pharmaceuticals. But the primary reason that this “insurance” is so expensive is that it covers these uses at all

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