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Obama, Gettysburg, and a Revelation of Character

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“In the end, Barack Obama simply didn’t have the stones.  It’s sad.  And telling.” 

– (Donald Gilliland, a journalist for the Patriot News in Harrisburg, PA).

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President Obama angered and disappointed many by announcing recently he would not be attending the 150th anniversary celebration of the Gettysburg Address on November 19th.

The York Daily Record added:

“…Instead, he is sending us a little-known Cabinet member to do the job of a president, of a statesman, of an orator.


President Obama’s retreat from Gettysburg will linger, long and bitter…”

Does our Nobel Laureate President lack the “stones”? What could possibly cause the self-proclaimed healer of the planet to miss an opportunity to give a speech commemorating one of our nation’s greatest moments? Indeed, Mr. Obama loves to compare himself to Mr. Lincoln, even taking the oath of office using Lincoln’s bible. How to explain this strange decision by the President?

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