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Update on Ministry to Abortion Clinic Workers…

We last updated you on And Then There Were None, the organization founded by former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson, in June of last year. To read that article, you can click here.

ATTWN LOGOThe banner statement of this pro-life ministry is simple:  “No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions. It all starts with the workers.”  Since leaving the abortion industry in 2009, and forming this ministry to reach out to other workers, Abby Johnson and her team have helped over 100 people leave their jobs in abortion clinics and start over in a new career. In her August 7 email update, she writes:

“In the past two weeks, we have had five more workers contact us. That brings our total up to 121 workers! While we praise God for this wonderful news, we are also in need of financial help for these workers. A few of these workers are high level employees with Planned Parenthood (yay!) so we are looking at a larger amount of money to help them transition into a new job.”

ATTWN holds periodic healing retreats for these workers (mostly women), who have deep guilt and regret over their part in facilitating the deaths of the unborn. All expenses (about $600 a piece, including travel) are paid for each attendee. This year’s retreat, September 19 through 21, will minister to ten women. They would appreciate your prayers.

“If you can help us help these courageous FORMER workers, please visit www.attwn.org/donate. You can also mail a check to:

And Then There Were None
PO Box 2571
Round Rock, TX 78680

Remember that all donations are tax deductible! We can’t thank you enough for your continued generosity.”





Taking Responsibility for Change, One Step at a Time: an update on ATTWN

baby steps duckMy brother JTR made a strong case for personal responsibility yesterday, urging each of us to shake off apathy or that helpless “What can I do?” attitude.

If you need inspiration, here’s an update on how one woman is having an impact on the entire abortion industry.

Her goal:  shut it down.

Her strategy:  one worker at a time. Continue reading

‘And Then There Were None’ …a Unique Strategy for Ending Abortion

There are a number of issues which divide American society right now, but probably none is so passionately contested on both sides as abortion.

In the battle for Life, there are many strategies:

  • legislative campaigns, which have made some headway on the state level;
  • clinic-based ministries which reach pregnant young women;
  •  — media-based information campaigns on billboards, in magazines and newspapers, in direct mailings.

But now there is an effort being made to reach into the abortion industry in a whole new way, by communicating directly with the abortion workers, many of whom are just as conflicted as anyone else on this issue.  And Then There Were None (ATTWN), which grew out of the 40 Days For Life ministry, was founded by former abortion clinic worker Abby Johnson, who left the industry in 2009.

ATTWN appeals to the consciences of these workers (overwhelmingly women), counselling and encouraging them in the sometimes difficult decision to quit their jobs in the industry.   Although only a little over a year old, ATTWN has helped 38 workers to leave the abortion business and secure other work.

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