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Touré thanks God …that “Abortion was there to save ME”??

We just covered the 2013 March For Life, and by all accounts it was a huge success. However, the battle for the soul of our nation will be continuing for some time.

As evidence of this, below is the eight-zillionth example of the incongruous mental gymnastics the Left has to perform in order to justify abortion to themselves. This ‘Ode to Abortion‘ comes via everyone’s favorite racist, Touré, and is from just this past weekend:


HOmer facepalm

Let’s recap the genius that is Touré, shall we?

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Fair warning, and a favor:

  • This video is not for young children, although I feel this is the most important issue of our day since it is ABOUT children.
  • The favor: please bookmark this page in your browser. Save it. And then Email/forward it to someone. Because to stand by and do nothing can’t, …it mustn’t, …be our choice.



And here’s the link to the “180” website: http://180movie.com/