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All I want for #Christmas is: “An End to Quantitative Easing”

We’ve linked to ReasonTV’s Remy before: he’s original, he’s funny, and he’s right. And with his latest entry (at the bottom), he has really outdone himself. But before we get to the video, let’s briefly discuss his subject matter. I’m … Continue reading

10 Films That Portray Capitalists as Heroes

Have you noticed how movies normally depict capitalists, executives or business owners? Whether it’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End with the bizarre portrayal of the head of the East India Trading Company, or the main character in There … Continue reading

Happy Halloween, from #Obamacare: “The Healthcare Mash”

The (un)-Affordable Care Act is still front-and-center in the news today, but since it’s ALSO Halloween, we were seeking some way to blend the two topics. Courtesy of Remy at ReasonTV, this clip made me laugh out loud. And considering … Continue reading

Stupid looking? YES. Racist? NO.

Courtesy of the National Post blog: Adidas has dropped its plans for a sneaker with a shackle-like ankle cuff after critics complained the shoes were racist and reminiscent of slavery. The JS Roundhouse Mid, a high-topped sneaker that featured an … Continue reading