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Spotlight on…”Skunk-Guy”?

I have a favorite superhero.  But most of you have never heard of him.  This young man is courageous and determined, willing to wage war on crime creatively and nonviolently…although he is a bit rough on the olfactory nerve.

Through a weird encounter with a piece of outer space debris, mild-mannered teenager Norman Flinch acquires an unusual ability:  he can smell like anything he thinks about.  He and his geeky junior-scientist sidekick, Wendell, determine to dedicate this power to fighting crime in their city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.    Norman’s mom and dad are equally decided in trying to keep Norman and his big sister Barbara out of harm’s way.   But as it often happens, both in the comics and in life, trouble keeps wafting their way..

Skunk-Guy, the hero of three novels for pre-teens, is the creation of my good friend Michael Wilhelm.  Michael is a professional actor who has worked extensively with my theater company (all for One productions, inc.) over the past nine years.  all for One was privileged to produce the world premiere of his  original play, Turtle Soup.  He has also had featured roles in several films, including most recently Healed By Grace.

Think a smelly superhero is too far-out to be appreciated by kids?  Think again.  Listen to what fans of the books are saying:

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Hello world!

Although I have several other blog addresses on WordPress, I have not been actively blogging lately.  My younger brother is more interested in blogging, more opinionated and more motivated to write than I am…but I know how to set up a blog.  So in the interest of maintaining at least a modicum of the power I once had as his big sister, I have created a place where we can both air our grievances with the idiocies of the world, and point everyone in a saner, healthier, more Godly direction.  With grace, humor and perhaps even humility…we present…our new blog.

Your turn, bro.