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Without Gov’t, who else would audit, spy on, target, fine, harass, intimidate and arrest us?

Harry Reid - 65647Remember this?

(Sen. Harry Reid, from the Senate Floor, April 23, 2013): “…Government is not inherently bad; government is inherently good. 

That’s why we have a Constitution and that’s what we direct the activities of this government based upon…”

When I called that the single most ridiculous statement of the year, I was probably soft-selling it. It may now be the most ridiculous statement of the decade.

Consider this newest example:

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FLASHBACK: The #TSA, and Flying The “Friendly Skies”

I was hoping I could wait for a few weeks before I returned to this topic, but it looks like the morons over at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can’t manage to stay out of the news for that long.

tsa-2[5]In addition to their recent desire to spill the remains of my dead relatives, the well-mannered thugs at the TSA would now like to sample my coffee/juice/tea….after I buy it at the airport, INSIDE the security checkpoints.

And no, I’m not kidding.


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FLASHBACK: Dear #TSA, You’re Doing It Wrong…

The SCOTUS Obamacare decision from last week has monopolized the conversation ever since and, for today at least, I need to take a break. And there is something that is almost as important, just as frustrating and arguably more dangerous. It is, in my opinion, one of the worst agencies we’ve ever created: the Transportation Security Administration, or as it’s better known, the TSA.

When discussing Airport rules and what qualifies as the “new normal”, I admittedly become a bit nostalgic: It was wonderful having family accompany my wife and kids to the gate, then seeing them wave from the window (sounds crazy, doesn’t it?), and it was kinda nice to not be felt-up like I’m Andy Dufresne’s stunt double, too.

Ahhh, the good ol’ days……

But now? Now we have stories like this. From

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