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They can Hear, but they don’t Listen

Summer will be starting soon, but I’ve already seen the first official sign: The season’s first Global Warming articles, one of which by Tom Junod in Esquire. I refuse to do them the favor of a link to it; look it up if you desire.

In the article, the author disingenuously argues that not accepting liberals’ full-throated belief in Global Warming is because we are stupid, closed-minded, Bible-clinging nuts. It’s snarky and dismissive of Christians in particular, which is 0% surprising coming from Esquire.

The first thing you’ll notice in the article is in evidence in most such posts: the conflation of the terms Global Warming, and Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming (AGW). In the article, you will not see the term anthropogenic. In much the same way that Liberals refuse to acknowledge the difference between “immigrant” and “Illegal immigrant”, or between “stem cells” and “Embryonic stem cells”, so too do they blithely skip over this rather essential difference concerning AGW. The point that the overwhelming number of skeptics keep making is we don’t know if there is warming, but even if there is, we don’t accept (since there is still no conclusive data) that MAN is causing it. It’s not a difficult theory to understand, so I’d call this willful ignorance, yet another case of the Libs sticking their fingers in their ears.

It’s a fact that we have been cooling for over a decade, which is why “Warming” was changed to Global Climate Change, and then again to Global Climate Disruption. And even a child knows we’ve had both very cold and very warm periods before. So if we are causing it now, what caused it BEFORE?

Let me know when they have a decent answer that doesn’t require falsified data to work.

Interestingly, when we have horrible winters (like the winter of 2010-2011), we are told “weather isn’t climate, you dolt”. But when a snooty Climate apologist wants to prove a point, he says something like Mr. Junod in Esquire:

“….Americans seemed finally to feel the heat — to look around at the storms, and  the floods, and the fires, and the droughts, and the rising food prices, and to  ask, What’s going on? It began with the Times reporting on global crop yields withering even as the global  population expands; it continued with Tom Friedman’s declaration that the earth (once Flat™) is now Full™; and  then ended with a report on the record temperatures recorded in cities from  New York to Chicago.”

Wait, what?

Weather? You’ve been saying for years that weather WASN’T Climate Change, ….when the weather didn’t help your cause. Now, since summer and warm weather is ramping up, you point …to weather as an “obvious” indication of Climate Change/Disruption/Warming?

And you say that WE have a blind, religious devotion to our belief??

So, in the interest of being ‘fair’, it’s probably time to trot this out again. It’s satire, sure, but it sums up the argument far better than the authors even originally intended.

 (**Video courtesy of our friends over at Quixotes Last Stand).

Just in time for Spring and Summer

Too tired to dig into the politics today, although Elizabeth Warren is making it very, very tempting. Oh, well: there’s always tomorrow.


Instead, here’s a present, JUST in time to help with your Spring/Summer clean-up projects.

‘Cause I’m a “giver”.

Even though this guy (in the video below) is talking about sound or tech cables, these methods work JUST as well with Christmas lights or extension cords. The logic is the same: you’re trying to keep the amount of twist to a minimum, and both methods shown eliminate twist. Seriously, how many of us have perfectly wrapped extension cords, which never twist or knot?

Instead, how many of us have anywhere between 2-10 extension cords all stuffed together, and sometimes it’s easier to just go buy a new one, rather than try to separate one of them from the phalanx?

I rest my case.


Many thanks to the guys over at!!!

“Wrapping your cables is easy, but avoiding kinks, twists, and knots is a lot harder. The trick is to alternate the direction of the wrap, but that’s really the sort of thing you have to learn visually. Fortunately, the London School of Sound offers up a video that demonstrates two ways to use the alternating coil method and keep your cables in top shape.”