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Sanitized Soap Box Loses its Cleaning Power: Another Freedom-of-Speech Loss Story

sword eater

Buskerfest 2013 was underway tonight in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Virtually any kind of street performer you could think of was represented, and people roamed the free event at will, dropping a dollar in an artist’s tip jar if they were pleased, walking on by if they were not. The audience was quite diverse, and seemed to represent a good cross section of age and ethnicity in our city. The occasional spurts of light rain kept it cool if damp; overall, people looked amused. Our granddaughter was enthralled.

But my husband and I were disappointed.

You see, it was a sadly sanitized event.  Not that it was squeaky clean…there were provocatively-clad belly dancers. There was plenty of goth dress, with abundant piercings and tattoos–among the performers and the audience members.  

But there were no Christian performers that I could see or hear. Also no Jewish or Muslim ones. Faith and religion apparently had no place at the festival.
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For the gazillionth time: “Freedom OF Religion” is NOT the same thing as “Freedom FROM Religion”

The Separation of Church and State may be one of the most deliberately misrepresented and (sadly) misunderstood foundational aspects of our nation today.

All together now: there is a Sistine Chapel-sized difference between the terms “Freedom OF Religion” and “Freedom FROM Religion”. We’ve certainly talked about this subject here before, but further examples of secular intolerance keep popping up with a weed-like persistence. And since they won’t stop, neither will we.

bible-23The most recent example is courtesy of the Washington Times:

Atheists are outraged that a Bible sits right next to the mayor’s desk, inside a Pinellas Park City Council chamber, and they’re demanding its removal.

City officials, however, say that’s a no-go. The Bible’s been there for more than 30 years, and laws don’t prohibit its presence, The Blaze reported. The book was an Oct. 19, 1975, gift to council members from the Kiwanis club, and it’s been a traditional fixture ever since.

Freedom From Religion Foundation officials say they don’t care. They sent a letter to city officials, saying the Bible needs to go because it violates the principle of separation of church and state.

“It’s on display. And that certainly is improper,” said president Annie Laurie Gaylor

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Pentagon: Soldiers may be prosecuted for “Promoting their Faith”

fr mulcahySay goodbye to Father Mulcahy.

It seems that the remaking of our military by Obama & Company has taken a decidedly darker turn, as they are now seeking to criminalize expressions of faith.

From WeaselZippers:

The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense… Court-martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis…”. 

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Four steps back to The Path

Well it’s production week, folks, and I’m just getting home at 11:00 PM and guess what I didn’t do today? But never fear, because I’m reblogging my good friend and social media pastor Jon Swanson, one of my favorite bloggers. I hope you’ll find this post to be a blessing and a challenge, and that you’ll read more of his work.


300 words a day

Many of my friends are making changes in their lives right now. That might include you. The change may have started because of Lent or wanting to learn a new routine, or may be the remnants of a New Year’s resolution. You may be in your last semester of college or finishing your first year on a new job. You may have made a major change in your family or in the spiritual part of your life.

And now, a week or a year or a decade in, you are wondering whether it’s working. And you are feeling, some of you anyway, like you are failing.

I know that feeling. To be a bit vulnerable, I know that feeling many days. Having made a commitment, taken a step, said “But this one thing I do“, I find my steps wandering, my plans for good being forgotten.

So here are…

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We humbly trust in the Power of Giving Thanks

Every year, on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving Day, our congregation gathers to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. And, while we seek to be in a mind of praise and thankfulness EVERY day, there’s something about this particular evening that sharpens that focus.

It is truly a time of praise, worship, and thanksgiving.

This particular Tuesday evening, our Pastor delivered a message on “The Power of Giving Thanks“.  It will change MY life forever, and from the heart, I would like to share his thoughts with you.

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If You’re Really My Friend, You’d Tackle Me

UPDATEJune 19, 2014: ***(Spoke with a co-worker of mine yesterday, and immediately thought of this old post…)***

Had a conversation recently with a dear friend of mine about the existence of God.

To make it simple: I believe, he doesn’t.

We’ve had several (okay, more than several) conversations about God, religion, creation, etc., over the years, and we’ve thus far continued to agree to disagree. These conversations are always couched with respect, in part because we’re good friends. As an interesting side note, you should also know that we’re relatively in-sync with many of our ‘big’ beliefs, …save this one.

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DNC Convention: The SHOUT heard ’round the world

Wednesday night, those of us who were brave or stupid enough to endure the Democrat Convention witnessed Sandra “Free-Loader” Fluke backing Obama for Sugar Daddy President. We then had to muscle our way through Bill Clinton’s endurance test framed as a speech, where I quickly lost count of the fabrications, lies, fibs,  and myriad equivocations about Obama’s first term.

But to me, the clarifying event wasn’t President Pinocchio or Sandra Fluke’s whine-o-rama; it was the ‘Shout Heard Round The World’. I posted about this right after it happened, but I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

My conclusions are not comforting.


At the very least, half of the Democrat delegates were not in favor of any mention of God, or of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, being reinserted into their party platform. This is a ground-shaking time for the Democrat Party. Israel has been our most staunch ally for decades, and being unwilling to mention God in the Dem platform basically tells the 90% Americans who believe in God that they’re not welcome in the party. When did either of these opinions actually become mainstream?

Answer: they’re not, which is the exact problem.

It is my assertion that many Democrats have no clue what their party believes. Over my 20+ years of professional sales, I’ve had the honor to meet hundreds and hundreds of people. And I quickly determined that folks quite often enjoy discussing politics as long as you’re not dismissive of their views. In case after case, I found individuals who are card-carrying Democrats yet live their lives conservatively. They vote Democrat out of little more than inertia: their Dad was a Democrat, they belong to a union, etc.,..

If they really were honest with themselves, if they actually analyzed WHY they vote as they do, they’d quickly realize how far away the Democrat Party has drifted from its purported beliefs. The resounding “NO” heard last night in Charlotte was merely the inevitable conclusion of a story that has been written for years now.

Just consider what Gov. Susana Martinez said at last week’s Republican convention:


Martinez and her husband did something exceptional that day. They examined the facts, gave an honest assessment, ignored their pride …and switched parties. This is not to say the Republican Party is perfect by ANY means. The point is that one party’s leaders (hint: it’s the Democrats) has completely disowned the very essence of what it means to be American and, up ’til now, they’ve managed to keep it under the radar. It’s been a tricky tightrope walk enabled by a like-minded media.

Last night, they totally fell off the wire.

The November election is not far away. Ask yourself, ask your neighbors or family: if you are considering voting to re-elect the current administration, what exactly are you voting for? Are the views of the party truly in line with your views, your principles, your beliefs? Or are they anathema to what you hold most dear?

Our country is heading for a financial disaster, and we’re running out of road before we have to hit the brakes. Far worse, however, is that the disaster on the Democrat Convention floor illustrates our country’s soul is at risk. If we opt to turn our back on our best allies and cringe at even the most tangential mention of our God, the most prosperous nation in history cannot and will not survive.

As our second president, John Adams, warned so long ago:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Marco Rubio: “Government is NOT not the most important institution in society”

Normally on a Saturday morning we start with something more lighthearted. However, we had one or two such posts yesterday, and this is more important.

On Thursday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to about 250 conservatives in downtown Washington. The conference is organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a Christian conservative nonprofit organization. According to Annika McGinnis from McClatchy Newspapers, Rubio’s speech centered on American exceptionalism within a context of faith and family values:

“Nations and people all over the planet look to us and find inspiration and find the reality that if it’s possible here, it’s possible there,” Rubio said. “And that is where the American light and the American example can make the biggest difference in the world.”

Rubio took stabs at Democrats and the Obama administration, saying their view of how to achieve success is to “pull other people down.”

“They tell our fellow Americans that the reasons why they’re worse off is because other people are doing too well,” he said.

He said the Republican Party wasn’t anti-government.

“We believe government is an important institution in society,” he said. “It’s just not the most important institution in society.”

We don’t hear nearly enough of such talk. Quite the contrary: we have been told for years now that government needs to keep getting bigger, better and bolder. Rubio eloquently points out how wrongheaded such thinking is, and why.

His speech runs about 20 minutes, but I urge you to watch it all. You won’t regret the time, I promise.

(**Courtesy of Unedited Politics blog)