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A Liberal Policy Experiment at a Fun Park

Courtesy of our buddy, Cosmo, comes a marvelous allegory for society today. The moral of the story is impossible to miss, and I believe he nails the truth of it: this scenario would’ve played out largely the same whether the participants were 8, 18, or 38.


Sadly, until more of us RE-learn the virtue of self-control and begin acting like mature adults again, I fear we’ll continue to behave as an entire NATION of 8-year-olds…


liberal_crap-230x300Last weekend my son got invited to a party with some of his 2nd grade classmates and something interesting happened that I had not expected – I observed a social experiment that demonstrated the failures of Liberal policy.

There were 7 boys at the party and the plan was for the kids to spend 2 hours at a very large Fun Park that is loaded with all sorts of fun link video games, go-karts, a large indoor playground, putt-putt, bowling, lazer tag, etc.  The father who threw the party gave every kid a $25 card to be used at the park and this was very generous considering the games usually required just $0.25 for each play.  These 2nd graders could do anything they wanted to do as long as their gift cards still had money on them.

And that is where the social experiment happened!  Since this is…

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Obama sharpens his Marxist message for 2013 State of the Union speech


If you skipped the State Of The Union speech (and I couldn’t blame you, if you did…), then you missed roughly an hour of our president insulting our intelligence and lying about objective facts and figures. So, basically, no real surprises.

His primary and heavy-handed message was brutally obvious: Obama sees his Administration as a Marxist/socialist Robin Hood, and he’s here to make things “fair” (I’m starting to really hate that word…) for the downtrodden. He’s Barack The Lionhearted, fighting for the oppressed serfs.

Translation: if you thought issues such as “Obama Phones” and Solyndra were beyond the pale, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

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O: Sure We’re Gonna Keep Raising Taxes, But We’ll Ramp It Up Slowly So Maybe You Won’t Realize What We’re Doing

Someone refresh my memory…:
did President Bush show up/speak/get interviewed seemingly before EVERY major sporting event? ‘Cause the current guy sure does…..

The Conservative Citizen


“There is no doubt we need additional revenue.” Of course you do.

Just in case you missed O’s pre-Super Bowl interview on CBS (if you were like Rat, you hurriedly changed the channel until it was over), here’s a “news flash”:

The Socialist-in-Chief made it clear that he fully intends to continue raising taxes:

“There is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions, in order to bring down our deficit. And we can do it in a gradual way so it doesn’t have a huge impact.

As I said, when you look at some of these deductions that certain folks are able to take advantage of, the average person can’t take advantage of them. The average person doesn’t have access to Cayman Island accounts, the average person doesn’t have access to carried interest income where they end up paying a much lower rate on billions of…

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“Unexpected”: Our GDP drops to -0.1%

Ever have a nightmare where you’re falling, and everything happens in super slow-mo?

Where you have time to think “How did I ever get myself INTO this mess?”, or “Why didn’t I do (insert alternate decision here) instead?”


Well, I feel the same way right now, and I dearly wish I was dreaming.

From HotAir:

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The Fiscal Cliff is Dead; long live the Fiscal Cliff!!

Ahhhh, ‘Change’….

It seems that the new “Normal” in the age of Obama consists not only of chronically high Unemployment, +$1 Trillion annual deficits, and criticism of even his cabinet members being labeled out-of-bounds, but now will also include the omnipresent fear of the next Fiscal Cliff:

sheeple - fiscal-cliff-cartoon-sheep

Wait a sec: we can’t even get through 2 days after the 1st “Fiscal Cliff” is allegedly settled, and the Left is already signalling that they’re just getting warmed up?

And yet logically, shouldn’t all the Lefties, and certainly President Obama, be …happy right now? Contented, even? Just a little?

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A Dyslogy for *Fairness*

Having always had a healthy respect for the proper use and etymology of words, I get a bit miffed when a perfectly decent word becomes inextricably linked to some current fad, ruining it for the foreseeable future. You know, like “Twilight”.

Or: “Hope”.

Now, a word that we’ve all used since grammar school, a word that meant “freedom from bias or dishonesty”, has now been morphed into something radically different. That word is “fairness”.

And its new definition is “stuff Obama likes”.

Our Wordsmith-in-Chief has been pushing the fairness thing so hard I’m surprised that Wikipedia hasn’t updated their entry. But its usage allows him to continually carp about the Bush tax cuts, and tax breaks for oil companies. It lets him turn a blind eye to religious freedom being destroyed by Obamacare. It’s why his budgets (which keep getting voted down by both parties) spend trillions more than we possess. And it’s why he is now pushing for the so-called Buffett Rule (named in honor of Warren Buffett, for those of you that didn’t know) with such fervor.

In each instance, he’s being “fair”, you see, …and his ever-growing list of targets isn’t:

  • religiously-affiliated companies,
  • the Supreme Court,
  • small businesses,
  • Wall Street,
  • coal companies,
  • David & Charles Koch, 
  • Las Vegas,
  • Rush Limbaugh,
  • Arizona,
  • South Carolina,
  • millionaires,
  • Texas,
  • BP,
  • Congress,
  • people who put gas in their cars,
  • and stay-at-home moms…just to name a very few.

 ***Speaking of the Buffet Rule: if you suspected by now that it won’t make a fig of difference to our debt or deficit, you’d be right.***

President Fairness’ fascination with populist fluff like the Buffett Rule merely keeps us from addressing the Godzilla-sized problem in the room: we spend too much $$$$$. We could take every dime from the wealthiest among us and it wouldn’t even come close to fixing our problem, which was illustrated in Bill Whittle’s classic take-down, Eat The Rich (…it’s really, really good. Bring popcorn…..)

Spending more than you have is not being “fair”; it’s called being a spendthrift. We’re broke and getting broker every day, …and a hundred Buffett Rules won’t fix that. When, and ONLY when, we actually  face-up to our squandering ways will this change. Otherwise, we will have doomed our kids and grand-kids to harder, leaner existences than ones with which we’ve been blessed.

And there’s nothing “fair” about that.


UPDATE – There is an old analogy which lays out the inherent unfairness of our current tax system, but a better (though much more complex) explanation was written last year by Kip Hagopian, which you can read here.

Take your time: it is not a quick read, but it’s worth it.


UPDATE #2 – The Buffett Rule was just voted down in the Senate, as expected. It was never truly in doubt, which backs up my main point: Obama just wanted to use this as a talking point for the campaign.

And folks wonder why somanypeople… refer to him as the Campaigner-In-Chief.