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Bill to protect women from taking abortion drug AGAINST THEIR WILL called “Senseless”, “Extreme”

Cytotec - abortion pill

Roughly a year ago, we covered a story about a man accused of tricking his girlfriend (who was less than seven weeks pregnantinto taking the abortion drug Cytotec in order to kill their unborn child.

We wrote at the time:

“…Andrew John Welden is accused of first-degree murder.  Not a crime against Lee, but a crime against a baby. A baby that Remee Lee could have killed legally for another four months, if it had been her choice, instead of his. While for herself, Lee can only claim “battery and emotional harm”, the federal grand jury’s charges could put Weldon in jail for murder.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends the President’s #Obamacare lie, with even MORE lies…

Absolutely incredible:

There were at least 2-3 dozen separate and distinct falsehoods in that two-minute interview, but since I don’t have time today to Fisk the entire thing properly, I’ll just focus on ten words:

“…they will be able to get better coverage, for less.” 

Really, Debbie? Every single person?

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