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Chinese fan goodAn alleged Chinese proverb says, “May you live in interesting times.” I can certainly appreciate why this purported curse keeps surfacing…the more eventful our world gets, the more I wish I were living in some quiet backwater of history where nothing ever  happens.

But of course I’m not.  And while it behooves me to have an opinion on current events, whether it’s Syria (Should we bomb them?) or Obamacare (Should we ban it?), the BIG issues are not ultimately in my control.

But my attitude towards daily life IS in my control.

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Just in time for Spring and Summer

Too tired to dig into the politics today, although Elizabeth Warren is making it very, very tempting. Oh, well: there’s always tomorrow.


Instead, here’s a present, JUST in time to help with your Spring/Summer clean-up projects.

‘Cause I’m a “giver”.

Even though this guy (in the video below) is talking about sound or tech cables, these methods work JUST as well with Christmas lights or extension cords. The logic is the same: you’re trying to keep the amount of twist to a minimum, and both methods shown eliminate twist. Seriously, how many of us have perfectly wrapped extension cords, which never twist or knot?

Instead, how many of us have anywhere between 2-10 extension cords all stuffed together, and sometimes it’s easier to just go buy a new one, rather than try to separate one of them from the phalanx?

I rest my case.


Many thanks to the guys over at!!!

“Wrapping your cables is easy, but avoiding kinks, twists, and knots is a lot harder. The trick is to alternate the direction of the wrap, but that’s really the sort of thing you have to learn visually. Fortunately, the London School of Sound offers up a video that demonstrates two ways to use the alternating coil method and keep your cables in top shape.”