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Who is “Non-essential”? Obviously, our Government thinks that WE are….


bill-whittle 33When President Obama rolled-out the first act of his “Shutdown Theater”, my very first thoughts went back to his ‘We’re all gonna die‘ warnings of the Sequester. 

Which is why I re-posted Bill Whittle’s brilliant take on the Sequester from earlier this year, even though I figured Bill would eventually get around to opining on our current idiocy, as well…

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#GovernmentShutdown Theater: “Making It Hurt”, …again

The examples are everywhere:


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Mistake-filled reports in Navy shooting reinforces what we already knew about “journalists”

You know, with the media constantly getting egg on their face, time after time, you’d think they’d eventually decide to be just a tad more circumspect in their reporting.

Ha-Ha-Ha!! I kid, obviously.

This time the scene of the MSM’s most recent blunder-palooza was the horrific Navy Yard shooting, where they managed to get virtually every single aspect of their coverage wrong. This Journalist Error Jamboree included everything from the number of gunmen, to his/their identity, all the way down to one outlet (the Daily Mail) using a picture of the “crime scene” …which turned out to be totally unrelated to the shooting.

Hey, kids, these folks are professionals. Don’t try this at home, ‘kay?

Ron Burgundy 444

“…I am VERY professional…”

The Daily Caller has more:

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner continued to use a graphic of the Navy Yard shooter wielding the large AR-15 in a report on Tuesday, hours after CNN issued a report that federal officials were backing away from the AR-15 claim.

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Three Lies About Christianity, à la Bill Whittle

bill-whittle 33Yesterday JTR posted a wonderful stirring speech by Bill Whittle, in which the compelling and TRUE statements he made were rewarded with more than one standing ovation from the audience at this year’s Western Conservative Summit.

Among the most eye-opening points he made was that our culture, for the past 40 years, has been instilling three false ideas into our minds:

  • Wealth is un-earned;
  • Everyone is special;
  • Let us (“liberal” government) help you.

He unpacks his ideas about cultural decay and how to fight it, in that speech–which you should really go and watch (it’s Sunday, you’ve got time, right?).  But as I listened to him yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that a similar set of lies has paralyzed the Church and kept it from being effective: Continue reading

Another ‘Stand-Up-and-Cheer’ speech by Bill Whittle, at the 2013 Western Conservative Summit

One of the big news headlines in the past week was the purchase of the Washington Post by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. On the pages of, Hugh Hewitt offered his public suggestions as to whom he’d hire in order to rebuild the brand of the failing, flailing, iconic newspaper. It’s doubtful that Mr. Bezos will take heed of the advice, but the exercise itself got me thinking…

The modern-day GOP is almost as confused and in need of effective focus as the Washington Post. And so I have a suggestion for one person that the Republican Party should hire, yesterday, if they wanted to rebuild and refocus their brand.

bill-whittle 33If they desired (and I don’t believe they do, unfortunately) to clarify the “how” and the “what” of Conservatism to the broadest spectrum of people, the person presently doing it better than all the rest is Bill Whittle. He’s THE clearest Conservative thinker in the country today, bar none.

Below is his speech from the recent Western Conservative Summit. The first 12 minutes are quite good, but from there he really picks up steam. If you’re pressed for time, start at the twelve-minute mark.

Otherwise, watch it all:

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An #Obamacare triple-feature: Cavuto, Whittle, and Krauthammer

In light of the news from last week (“The President Changes the Rules, again, to protect Congress and its staff from Obamacare), and keeping in mind the newest effort to defund this horrific law, each of these clips are a must-see. 


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“Itching Ears”…are we all just preaching to the choir?

fire and gas canYesterday, JTR posted an excellent short piece about the apparent ongoing efforts of our  administration to exploit and exacerbate the tensions and divisions that alienate one American from another.

To me, Bill Whittle’s video seems to be a masterful ten-minute proof text for George Zimmerman’s innocence, and for the late Trayvon Martin being something other than simply “a sweet unarmed black kid”–regardless of what the President of the United States would like us to believe.

But then–does my opinion really count?  I am after all a white conservative Christian. So of course I want to believe the best of the white defendant, and already think the worst about the black victim. Right?  If Bill’s viewing audience is primarily made up of people like me (and like himself)…then he’s just preaching to the choir, right? Continue reading

The Corruption of #MLK’s Dream

MLK in hoodie 4When the Photoshopped image of Martin Luther King in a Trayvon-esque hoodie started to make the rounds on Twitter and other social media the other day, I was appalled.

But it got me to thinking…

If we were to somehow reanimate MLK from some futuristic Cryo-chamber and let him wander the country again, I have a feeling he’d be extremely disheartened by what he saw. First of all, I highly doubt that he would endorse his visage in the hoodie, an impression shared by his niece, Alveda King.

Secondly, Dr. King might sorely be tempted to conclude (in direct contrast to his oft-repeated dream) that racism today was to blame for seemingly every failing of our proud nation. 

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