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PRICELESS: The Left’s ridiculous #Obamacare spin is blowing-up in their face

The lie that Liberals are telling themselves these days:

All Is Well

Lefty spinners have been out in force this week, trying to not only put some lipstick on the Obamacare pig, but a cocktail dress, earrings and pumps, as well.

However, it seems to be having the opposite effect, which makes perfect sense. After all, you can argue ’til you’re as blue-in-the-face as a Smurf, and folks’ll still figure out that paying hundreds or thousands more each year for insurance is NOT the same as “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan…“.

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Anderson Cooper = 2; Lefty Drones = Zilch

What is going on with Anderson Cooper? First he took apart a dude from a few days ago, and now THIS?

Add in his drubbing of Thomes L Friedman on ‘Jeopardy’ the other night, and Cooper is quickly becoming my favorite anchor on CNN. A rather low bar, I admit, but still: it’s something.

If the talking heads on any of the Big Three networks were half this skeptical when interviewing Obama lackeys, I’d actually watch them. Maybe.

Until that happy day, another round of “kudos” goes to Mr. Cooper. Please note the complete-and-utter inability by this LaBolt guy to vary from his talking points, even a little. Someone in the White House needs to host a “debating clinic”, ’cause right now the current messengers are less than impressive.


Kudos for Cooper

How did I miss this?

CNN has gotten to where it’s tough to digest more than 15-minutes at a time, since the bias is so pronounced. However, among their gaggle of talking heads, I’ve always held out hope for Anderson Cooper. He often comes across as sincere, though just as often sincerely misguided. As yet, he doesn’t fall into the egregiously “clueless” category like, say, Soledad O’Brien.

That said, …this is great stuff. There are some folks out there on CNN and MSNBC whom I’m not sure even know how to do journalism (think Piers Morgan or Ed Shultz), but this is proof positive that Cooper possesses that knowledge, regardless if he chooses to use those skills most days. I have no problem pointing out when I think a reporter is being unfair/illogical/biased, so file this under “credit where credit is due”.

Nice job, Anderson.

Question: Perhaps Cooper is auditioning for FOX?