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“Save us, CHUCK WOOLERY. You’re our only hope!” (…ok, just kidding, but Chuck most certainly IS trying to help…)

It’s entirely possible that when you heard the name “Chuck Woolery”, you may have thought primarily of game-shows like Wheel of Fortune (he was the original host, after all), Love Connection, or even the phrase “we’ll be back in two-and-two“.

…and that’s it.

But ol’ Chuck has got waaaay more goin’ on than that nowadays. He’s an avid fisherman, going so far as to endorse a line of motorized fishing lures.

And there’s more. If you are a Twitter user (and at least half of our regular readers aren’t),  you’ve no doubt seen his Tweets pop up everywhere: he had 40+ just yesterday. Since he’s been an entertainer for so many years, it won’t surprise you that he’s funny.

No, No. What could be a shock is his content:

Whoa!! Chuck Woolery is a ……Conservative???!? Who knew?

Well, lots of folks, actually. Consider, for at least the past year he’s had his own YouTube channel containing brief video op-eds on whatever topic has caught his attention. Like his Tweets, it’s also topical, entertaining & funny:



His website is humorously called ‘Save us, Chuck Woolery‘, and always contains not only his most recent vids, but also radio spots and various articles. I recommend bookmarking it, since it’s easily worth a consistent visit.

Oh, one more thing: he’s  also a sponsor for Generation America, a Conservative alternative to the loathsome and despicable AARP. He gets bonus points from me for opposing those traitorous sons-o-guns…

With that I’ll leave you with a video he made about a year ago which is by far my favorite one. See you tomorrow, gang…