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“God Bless the USA”, #VAScandal Edition – (by Remy)

No one, and I do mean NO one, does political satire today quite like ReasonTV’s Remy. His efforts this time combine two major recent headlines, and he makes an inescapable (and deeply troubling) point. Welcome to the new United States of America, … Continue reading

“Happy” – (Remy’s Tax Day video)

Happy Tax Day, gang!! Before you watch Remy’s brilliant (as usual) remake of the Pharrell Williams hit “Happy”, you might want to check out a couple things first: 

Brilliant: “Remy’s #Obamacare Video Contest song”

I was actually wondering if ReasonTV’s Remy would come up with something for this contest, as it seemed tailor-made for his musical talents. And he did not disappoint:

Seven “crashed” Hard Drives, #IRS? SEVEN??? Puh-leeeeeease….

I like a good piece of fiction as much as the next guy. But as brilliantly illustrated by ReasonTV’s Remy (below), there’s a limit to ANYONE’s ability to suspend their disbelief, …mine included.

Democrat Senator Feinstein on Gov’t Surveillance: Rules for Me, but Not for Thee

It must be wonderful to live in a world where the rules don’t apply to you, …because you make all the rules. And it must come as quite a shock when suddenly your rights are being usurped, right along with … Continue reading

#NSA spying: New Efforts and New Effects

A couple NSA-related news articles from the last few days which, for whatever reason, haven’t generated nearly enough buzz: NSA surveillance hurting tech firms’ business (via USA Today) – The National Security Agency, and revelations about its extensive surveillance operations … Continue reading

Say Your Goodbyes to Edison’s Light Bulb

We’ve known this was coming for a while now, and still… it just feels wrong. (via CBS Baltimore) – The days on incandescent bulbs are dimming. It’s been a seven-year phase-out effort by the government. The 100-watt disappeared from store shelves … Continue reading

All I want for #Christmas is: “An End to Quantitative Easing”

We’ve linked to ReasonTV’s Remy before: he’s original, he’s funny, and he’s right. And with his latest entry (at the bottom), he has really outdone himself. But before we get to the video, let’s briefly discuss his subject matter. I’m … Continue reading