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We humbly trust in the Power of Giving Thanks…

This post from our good friend “Pgh” was a wonderful reminder last year of how and why we should always give thanks, no matter our circumstances. We’re honored to be able to share it with you again.  –JTR & GBL … Continue reading

Prayer for a Nation

***Today’s guest post is from our old buddy, ‘Pgh‘. And if you’d like to see any of his previous writings, they’re all collected right here. –JTR —————- —————- One topic commonly discussed here at “Two Heads…” is our nation’s culture or, … Continue reading

Destiny and Destination

Both of the Heads are away today, so ‘LivinRightInPgh‘ kindly agreed to once again mind the store for us. We’re always thrilled to have one of our Guest Noggins sub in, and sincerely appreciate their efforts and thoughtfulness.   Thanks, ‘Pgh‘!!! … Continue reading

It’s Frozen Four time, which means …I’m outta here!

I’ll be away for a few days, as one of my best friends and I make our annual hockey pilgrimage to the NCAA Frozen Four. ***It’ll be broadcast on ESPN2, just in case you’re interested. So, I have enlisted some assistance to pick up my slack … Continue reading

Judge on Pennsylvania Voter ID: “Sounds like a good idea. So,”.

Why do I live in such a stupid state? Courtesy of Updated at 11:10 a.m., 10/2/12 — A Pennsylvania judge has blocked enforcement of the key section of a voter identification law which the state legislature enacted and Republican Gov. … Continue reading

SURPRISE! Voter ID rules protect seniors, minorities

Since ‘livinrightinpgh‘ covered Voter ID  a few days ago, this article caught my eye. It is from The Daily Caller, so we’ll only take a piece of it, and direct you back there for the rest. Here’s the start: Criminal … Continue reading

By whatever means necessary: Voting In America

(Editor’s Note: since there are two of us, at least one Head is usually around to run the ship. However, while we were on vacation a couple weeks back, ‘LivinRightInPGH’ filled in for us ….and did a super job. So, … Continue reading

Seeing in Black-and-White

(***Editor’s Note: Both of the “Heads” are on vacation today, so we have a Guest Noggin filling in for us. One of our very first commenters, ‘LivinRightinPGH‘ is at turns funny, wry and often quite insightful. Hope you guys enjoy his … Continue reading