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PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel vs. Alvin “The Ragin’ Racist” Holmes

A follow-up of sorts to an earlier post detailing the alarmingly racist outburst from Alabama Representative Alvin Holmes (“Racism: the Left’s Favorite Card to Play“) So sit back and let PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel put some truth to ya’, as only … Continue reading

AlfonZo Rachel: How to TRULY help the Black Community

‘Zo has been a favorite of ours here since we saw this short clip from him many years ago. And although we’ve also linked and shared several of his subsequent videos, his latest (below) is as good as any of … Continue reading

AlfonZo Rachel on OWS

Originally posted on YouViewed/Editorial: Always a pleasure

Why do Media Liberals seem to LOVE Racism…?

Of all the behaviors by our über-Leftist media which causes my stomach to churn, their incessant carping about “Racism” may be the most annoying. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is, either. The “everything that Right-wingers/Conservatives/Republicans do is racist” rant … Continue reading

Six Visual Tools in the Battle for Life

We’ve  just passed the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal in this country. And what did the so-called pro-choice movement feel was an appropriate gesture on such a significant occasion? At, which promotes … Continue reading

PJTV’s and PJMedia’s brilliant team takes on the Fiscal Cliff, the Hobbit, and the Hypocrites in Hollywood

It takes great self-control on my part not to simply re-post each and every Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavan and AlfonZo Rachel column/video which comes out. Why? Because they usually range in quality from merely extremely good & pertinent all the way … Continue reading

More election analysis: Yep, we’re DIVIDED, but NOT in the way you might think

Two excellent jobs of analysis, coming from two starkly different viewpoints. Both are worthy of serious consideration, though. The first is from one of our buddies, Cosmoscon, titled ‘A Divided America‘: “Conventional wisdom tells us that über 1%-er Romney and … Continue reading

Not Black; Not White; Just AMERICAN

The Great American Melting Pot was once heralded as one of our country’s greatest strengths. The U.S.A took people of all nationalities, creeds and colors and made each of them Americans. You didn’t disavow your heritage: you added them into … Continue reading