Offshore Wind power: Even Germany Can’t get it Right


Just another example of the practical infeasibility of alleged “renewable” energy. Drill, baby, drill!!!!

Watts Up With That?

Eric Worrall writes:

Bard_offshore1_aerialAccording to Breitbart, Germany’s flagship Bard 1 offshore wind farm has turned into a bottomless money pit, with stakeholders frantically lawyering up, scrambling to pin the blame and ongoing money hemorrhage onto other parties. BARD Offshore 1 is a 400 megawatt (MW) North Sea offshore wind farm encompassing 80 5-megawatt turbines. Construction was finished in July 2013 and the wind farm was officially inaugurated in August 2013. The wind farm is located 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of the isle Borkum in 40 metres (130 ft) deep water.

The magazine Windpower monthly reports that Bard Offshore 1, developed and built by Bard, is owned by project company Ocean Breeze, which in turn is owned by HypoVereinsbank. Getting it fully commissioned in August 2013 had taken more than three years, with many setbacks and cost overruns.
Breitbart reports that according to the German magazine Speigel “everything has turned to the…

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3 responses to “Offshore Wind power: Even Germany Can’t get it Right

  1. I am not a fan of wind turbines, but the wind tech is not the immediate problem. What is giving them fits is the transmission technology. Apparently, nobody has worked out a technique for transmitting a large quantity of DC electrical power onshore where it can by used. However, unless we can locate the wind turbines offshore, I doubt they will ever become very popular.

  2. You’d think they would have worked out those important transmission details in the 3 years. Plus I don’t know if I’d want the maintenance contract or expenses for it.

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