FLASHBACK: “Israel wants peace, and #Israel’s enemies want …the end of Israel”


**NOTE: A few years back, I wrote the following post on the then-current “ceasefire” agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Given recent events concerning Israel, it seems appropriate to remind us all that what we’re seeing today is whatever comes AFTER déjà vu: we don’t simply feel that we’ve seen it before, but that we’re destined to see it again, too. 

And I still maintain, as I did years ago, that Klavan’s suggestion (below) is the best option around…




PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: “You’re Doing it Wrong”

(Originally posted November 23, 2012)

Don’t get too comforted by the temporary armistice between Hamas and Israel, everyone.

First of all, as Ed over at Hotair.com said, “The description of the cease-fire as “tenuous” is a masterpiece of understatement“.

This is a respite in Gaza, not a resolution“, Max Boot flatly stated.

They’re both right, of course. That’s because Israel wants peace, and each of Israel’s enemies want …the end of Israel.

As plenty of folks before me have queried, how do you “compromise” with someone who wants to exterminate your entire populace? What exactly qualifies as “halfway” in that case: only most of your citizenry dead, perhaps?

As PalWatch.org was quoted as saying last year:

The Palestinian Authority is telling its people that peace with Israel is not a goal. Instead, the PA says that all of Israel is “Palestine,” and that no compromise is acceptable because this principle is “the only red line.”


No, no, there isn’t any way to negotiate any sort of lasting truce between Israel and the forces aligned in their desire to wipe Israel out of existence (…led by Iran, among others…). Goodness knows it’s been tried enough times.

In my adult life, there’s only been one realistic suggestion for there to be actual freedom, real PEACE in that war-torn part of the world.

And it took Andrew Klavan to come up with it, almost two years ago:

You’ve gotta admit: it’d work.


Instead, we have the faux-peace for however long it will last, which will inevitably lead back to war.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Breitbart.com, which articulates what we all know to be the case:

“…The reason peace is unstable is not because Israel wants war–which, absent Hamas’s repeated attacks, it would much prefer to avoid–but rather that Hamas’s very purpose is to attack Israel. In effect, Hamas is now the Sunni wing of Iran’s Shiite terror axis, and it attracts and maintains both political and financial support by attacking Israeli civilians, even though there are costs to Palestinian civilians (both from Hamas rockets and Israel’s responses).

Until Hamas–and Iran–are no longer a threat, war will continue to fester and flare…” 

10 responses to “FLASHBACK: “Israel wants peace, and #Israel’s enemies want …the end of Israel”

  1. Paul H. Lemmen

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. livinrightinpgh

    No amount of “diplomacy” is going to work, for the very reasons you stated. As long as one group uses missiles to protect its people and the other is willing to use its people to protect its missiles, you have a fundamental chasm (bigger than the Grand Canyon) in ideology and/or desire for “peace”.
    American leadership’s abandonment of Israel as an ally is disgraceful. Yeah, the WORDS are there, but as in MOST things “Obama”, there’s never action that support the verbiage.

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