They just lie, lie, lie: Latest evidence provided by Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare

Just in case you’ve somehow missed this, ….it’s important. Up ’til now, the folks on the Left have been insisting that the plain language in Obamacare referencing the state subsidies was a “typo” (…no, really; they ARE).
The entire Gruber incident effectively (and completely) destroys that argument.

T.B Rickert's Call

This week the left is in an uproar over the 2-1 Halbig v Burwell ruling by the DC circuit Court of Appeals, invalidating subsidies to federally run health insurance exchanges.

Last Tuesday, Jonathan Gruber, the Architect of Obamacare proclaimed that the sentence “established by the states” was a typo.

Chris, it is unambiguous this is a typo. Literally every single person involved in the crafting of this law has said that it`s a typo, that they had no intention of excluding the federal states. And why would they? Look, the law says that people are only subject to the mandate if they can afford insurance, if it`s less than 8 percent of their income. If you get rid of these subsidies, 99 percent of the people who would get subsidies can no longer afford insurance, so you destroy the mandate. Why would Congress set up the mandate and go through all that…

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2 responses to “They just lie, lie, lie: Latest evidence provided by Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare

  1. Obamacare is one big typo error

  2. livinrightinpgh

    This is what you get when you have to “pass the bill before you can find out what’s in it”….. It’s time to SCRAP the bill in its entirety. These “changes” that POTUS is making to the bill are illegal and un-Constitutional. It’s time to say “ENOUGH”!!!

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