Lies about Illegal Immigration, #HobbyLobby, Guns, and… well, pretty much everything


“…Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…” 

(–Fleetwood Mac; 1987) 

There has been a recent spate of news this week, and without exception the Statist Left is lying about it.

Completely. Every last stitch of it.

Let’s first consider our president’s recent statements on both illegal immigration and the recent Hobby Lobby ruling. In each case he insists that he’s being ‘compelled’ to act. With Hobby Lobby, it was the Supreme Court’s action which supposedly requires his Executive response. Yet in the case of immigration, he’s supposedly being “forced” into tyrannical, extra-Constitutional motion because of Congress’s inaction.

See how that works? Do something, or do nothing at all; both will elicit the same response from the Left. Just as ‘all roads lead to Rome’, anything that happens (or doesn’t) can be argued BY the State as requiring a response FROM the State. It’s literally an answer in search of a question, and any question will do.

In other words: it’s a lie


What about the newest chapter of the Gun Rights debate?

Concealed Carry Permitting laws are sweeping the nation, and for good reason: they work. But the anti-gun crowd refuses to listen, resolutely placing their heads in the sand and simultaneously throwing a hissy fit.

The perfect quote along these lines was just this week, on (where else??) MSNBC:

Goldie Taylor: “…I frankly don’t want to shop a place, I don’t want to attend church and praise God in a place, I don’t want to go to a bar, nightclub, I don’t want to go into a school, I don’t even want to go into a public library where guns are permitted.

What about my liberty not to be around someone else’s gun?…” 

Uh, …what?

Sorry, Ms. Taylor: no such freedom exists. No one has a Constitutional right to segregate the citizenry from legally concealed handgun owners WHILE IN A PUBLIC PLACE. That’s why folks go to the trouble of obtaining a legal Concealed Carry Permit in the first place. They’re required to obey the laws of that permit, and you’re required to tolerate ’em.

You know: Tolerance? For the 2nd Amendment? Of our Constitution? Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Naturally, there is no “keep your dirty legal guns away from me while we’re in public” clause, and I’m crediting Ms. Taylor with enough sense to know that. Which means (ta-da!!): she’s lying.



Which brings us to Queen Hillary.

Her Inevitableness decided to opine on the Hobby Lobby case, calling it part of “…a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are very unstable, antidemocratic, and frankly prone to extremism…”.  Men in such societies, at least according to Hillary, “…behave in ways that are disadvantageous to women but which prop up them because of their religion, their sect, their tribe, whatever…”

Jonah Goldberg encapsulated her blathering thusly:

“…she either honestly believes that the Supreme Court made this decision based upon some fevered theorizing about “women’s bodies” in an effort to prop up male Christians, or Hillary Clinton is slanderously comparing the United States to some teetering Third World theocracy. 

I am honestly not sure which explanation is more damning…” 

No need to choose, Jonah: either answer would be horrible. And yet, kindly notice that our Media didn’t take Hillary to task over this.

Lies? Errors? Staggering stupidity? Ehhh, who cares?

Tell me lies

Lastly, we unearthed still more untruths from everyone’s favorite federal agency, the IRS. You’ll recall we were recently told that Lois Lerner’s email was vanished away by malignant computer fairies, a malady which seems to be a common occurrence in Washington. You’ll also recall that the IRS, upon learning of her mystically absconded emails, decided to do ….nothing.

Which is kind of a problem, apparently:

(via POWERLINE) – “…Under federal law, a party has a duty to preserve data that may be relevant to any actual or likely lawsuit. This duty arises from the party’s own knowledge; it is not necessary for a court to tell it not to destroy information, or for an adverse party to make such a request. The fundamental, shocking fact that is emphasized in True the Vote’s brief is this: at the time of Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash in June 2011, the IRS was already under a legal duty to take steps to ensure that information was not lost, and had been under such a duty for nearly a year, at a minimum…” 

But the IRS didn’t do that, now did they?

“…The IRS’s account of its own behavior is, frankly, shocking. I can hardly imagine what a federal judge would do to a party that took no steps to preserve documents, erased backup tapes, allowed employees to delete relevant emails and memos, and “recycled” the crashed hard drive of its principal witness, all while the lawsuit was pending…” 


The IRS is lying. Obama is lying. Hillary is lying (…or astonishingly dumb: take yer’ pick). The folks on MSNBC (and at least half of the Press) are lying. It’s like we’re all stuck watching the world’s largest Rug Convention.

The overwhelming majority of our elected government figures, along with the entrenched bureaucrats, the political hopefuls, AND their media enablers, are all lying.

To our faces. Repeatedly. Of that we can be certain.

The only question to be asked at this point is: what are we gonna do about it?

6 responses to “Lies about Illegal Immigration, #HobbyLobby, Guns, and… well, pretty much everything

  1. Great post! Seems your blog doesn’t show up in my reader as often as it did before so I have to go out and find it the old fashioned way.

    Anyway, seems it’s SSDD in politics, sooooo glad nothing has changed. 😉

    I am really beginning to wonder if enough Americans are going to ever get tired enough of being lied to constantly to change how they vote.

    Keep up the good work. Despite the fact that I don’t pay as much attention to politics as I did (migraines went away), I still keep up some and still read my favorite political blogs.


  2. Liars place their interests ahead of others…

  3. All we can do is keep speaking the truth, try to get people to listen and stop being a victim of their lies. Those speaking on the Hobby Lobby case know they are lying but they have an agenda, they want those votes. So rather than speak about the fact they still can get 16 different contraception options from Hobby Lobby’s health plan, they lie about rights being taken away.

    Not sure how not wanted to pay for someone’s contraception on any level is somehow restricting any right to begin with. The lies will continue, I have no doubt of that.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    Congratulations to all of those dupes who voted for the worst administration in the history of our great Nation! You have chosen to accept lies, distortions, and the outright politicization of every issue that you seem to be okay with as long as Obama is President, and you receive your monthly stipend from the government.

    The lies, arrogance, and pure deceitfulness of this bunch sets a new standard for how low our elected officials will sink to promote their ideology.
    Hey Lefties: Your guy has sunken to a level that Nixon could only DREAM of being. Defend that!

  5. Hillary also lied when she said that the owners of Hobby Lobby “don’t believe in birth control”, in spite of the fact that they were already buying insurance for their employees that covered 16 out of 20 of the approved birth control drugs provided by Obamacare.

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