Why I’m buying Ben Shapiro’s new book, ‘The People Vs. Barack Obama’…

The People vs the Obama Admin

Ben Shapiro is currently making the rounds as he promotes his new book, “The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration“. Having already read (and enjoyed) his last two books, I’m inclined to not only buy this one too, but suggest you grab it, as well.

Why? Because he’s unusually bright, he’s entertaining, …and he’s right most of the time.

Shapiro has been awfully busy since we covered his complete and utter evisceration of Piers Morgan on CNN last year. He’s launched the website for TruthRevolt.org in October of 2013 with David Horowitz, and successfully drafted some top-tier talent over there, as well. And he did all this while carrying-out his duties as Editor-At-Large of Breitbart.com.

Personally, in addition to reading his last couple of books, I’ve heard him (thanks to podcasting) fill-in for Jerry Doyle on Doyle’s radio show, be interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, and seen him appear on various cable news shows. In every case, Ben’s solid: often funny, always informed, and lightning quick. What comes across most clearly in these settings is just how thoroughly he’s chased-down his own ideology, and it’s why I’m highlighting a couple of examples below.

This first clip is quite recent, and has Shapiro commenting on (what else?) the Obama Administration and its chronic criminality:

“…The big question is: do we want the president to get dragged into court on a fairly regular basis? Do we want his officers to get dragged into court on a fairly regular basis?  

Now that we are living in what amounts to an Elected Dictatorship, I think that the answer probably is ‘YES’…” 

Actually, having Obama and his minions dragged into court, repeatedly, is pretty much all I want for Christmas this year.

The second one is lengthy but worthwhile. It’s from October 2013, when Shapiro was appearing at University of California – San Diego, giving a speech called “How to Debate a Liberal in Ten Easy Steps“.

There are some truly classic soundbites here:

One of my favorites:

“…the university system largely has been taken over by a group of folks who’ve decided that it’s no longer worthwhile debating the evidence on certain public policy. It’s not worthwhile debating evidence about tax rates, whether the Laffer Curve is right, or Keynesian curves are right with regard to government spending. They don’t want to debate those issues. 

What they want to do is they wanna say that you’re ignorant, and stupid, and bigoted, and corrupt, and mean IF you disagree with them.”  

Again, that’s just classic… and unarguably true.

Which is why I’m gonna grab a copy of “The People Vs. Barack Obama“. If its writing is even half as cogent and insightful as its author’s speaking, it’ll be one of the better purchases I make this summer.

6 responses to “Why I’m buying Ben Shapiro’s new book, ‘The People Vs. Barack Obama’…

  1. I’m a little more than half way through the book. Here’s an interview Shapiro had with Larry king last week. It’s good and addresses one of my issues with the book, mainly the Book could be titled ‘The People vs any president”
    Good piece, JTR. Maybe you can become Ben’s PR guy. 🙂

  2. godsbooklover

    Too bad you can’t get a commission for touting this book…you sold me on it, bro! Thanks!

  3. livinrightinpgh

    Shapiro has that penetrating style of delivery, strengthened by dedication to the TRUTH and to FACTS. Looking forward to reading his new book! Thanks for the heads up, brother!

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