The #IRS, Lois Lerner, and exactly how much IS a “smidgen of corruption”, anyway?


The IRS is lying.

Lerner and Company obviously figure that if they just keep the lies going, they’ll outlast Congress and any potential media scrutiny. Can’t fault them for the strategy, as it’s certainly worked out fine for them with EVERY OTHER SCANDAL so far…

But make sure you aren’t fooled by their denials, not even for an instant. From ex-CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson:

“…These emails are not stored on a signal server or a single computer, so if there were a crash of a hard drive or some sort of system failure, they would still be retrievable. According to [John] Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner at the time, he told Congress that emails were stored offsite. That jives with people who said emails were backed up daily. There is a responsibility on the part of government officials to retain the data, make sure that is and can’t be lost in the system. If it’s true that the emails are lost, that’s quite a story in itself…” 

“…One official wrote me…to say this is entirely implausible, and he said there are criminal penalties for destroying federal records, which makes sense, including liability for negligence for not taking the necessary steps to protect files, including a federal requirement to backup data. This doesn’t happen. He said … all email servers are backed up with something called ‘RAID’ (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks), and it’s nearly impossible for something to delete the files, and that even if that were to happen they would not be gone forever…” 

But no, we’re supposed to believe it’s just a mystery. How curious!

Want something even MORE “curiouser”? The mystery seems to be spreading:

Just more crazy, right-wing conspiracy mongering, obviously. Darn those Tea Party types, with their facts and insufferable questions!!

Ummm, ….Mr President??

How much is a “smidgen” of corruption, anyway?

Nope, nuthin’ to see here. Look away, look away!!

Yet instead of honesty from this Administration, we get …more of the same:

I think it’s entirely reasonable. And it’s fact,” incoming White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One Monday. “You’ve never heard of a computer crashing before?” he asked.

Like I said at the beginning: they’re simply lying. There’s not a scintilla of a chance that this is the truth. None. They are lies: big, bold, bald, blatant ones.

They’re lying, we KNOW they’re lying, and THEY know we know they’re lying. And they don’t care. 

Welcome to your modern-day federal government, everyone.

Be proud.

nixon - tapes

10 responses to “The #IRS, Lois Lerner, and exactly how much IS a “smidgen of corruption”, anyway?

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Obama should enjoy the same fate that Nixon did.

  2. “They’re lying, we KNOW they’re lying, and THEY know we know they’re lying. And they don’t care.”

    And worse, most Americans are too busy taking selfies and watching reality TV to give a hoot. If it does not intrude on their daily lives, then all must be well.

  3. How much is a “smidgen” of corruption, anyway?

    A little bit less than a skosch. 😉

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