Harry Reid’s #Koch-fueled Nightmares

No surprises here:

Harry Reid, Koch Addict -- Lisa Benson

Reid has been going after these two men for what seems like forever. Yet despite his obsession, over half the nation still has zero idea who they even are, and another 11% has no opinion about them. And according to that same poll, more Americans disapprove of Reid himself than of the Koch brothers. 

But never fear! Reid’s pals over at MSNBC are all over it:

Too bad that umpteen million mentions of the Koch Brothers don’t exactly equal ‘Ratings Gold’, apparently

“MSNBC Ratings Slip to Worst in Seven Years”

To which I say: “Great job, guys. Keep it up. Please…”


4 responses to “Harry Reid’s #Koch-fueled Nightmares

  1. Harry Reid has a Koch habit. MSNBC is just his enabler.

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  3. livinrightinpgh

    Unfortunately for Mr. Reid (but largely by his and his party’s own hand), the majority of Americans hear him rant about those two gentlemen, and say either: “But….they make my FAVORITE soft drink”, or “Do they know Pablo Escobar?”

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