What does the Media have to say about that #Benghazi “Molehill” now…?

Cartoonist Eric Allie nailed this back in October of 2012:

Benghazi Molehill - Eric Allie

Just imagine how different things would be today if the Media took even a cursory interest in this story.

You know: like they did with Valerie Plame or Abu Ghraib. Or with Iran-Contra. Or even Justin Bieber.

Is that asking too much?

Sadly, apparently it is:

And to illustrate the Media’s present-day fear of ANYTHING to do with Benghazi, …Eric Allie came through once more:

Benghazi Cover-up  --  Eric Allie

Of course, with a Select Committee now being put together by the Republicans, this is gonna get VERY interesting.

I’d even surmise there could be a news-story-or-two lurking in there, somewhere. Too bad the National Press will be certain to “miss” it.


7 responses to “What does the Media have to say about that #Benghazi “Molehill” now…?

  1. ATTENTION ALL MEDIA PERSONNEL: In the mass pool of media imbeciles, is there not one, just ONE who will show themselves worthy of the title of ‘reporter’ and DIG and REPORT on this BIG STORY?! After all, THERE IS FAME AND RESPECT in store for the ONE who chooses to be a HERO and stand up for TRUTH, doing the job the American People NEED and EXPECT you to do. Are you out there?

    … anyone?

  2. Goodness, I remember the hearings on the Nixen crime. They were on the MSM channels all day long. That’s all you could see. And then he resigned.

    But with Nixen, no one died. It was breaking and entering and theft…

    Not manslaughter. Our amabassador was tortured. And the prez, sec of state and all the reporters of the MSM did not the nor do not now care to do their job. It’s up to FOX and my hero, Trey Goudy.

  3. What is curious is they never mention why the news media is covering up. That why have stopped using the expression the mainstream news media. They are really the corporate news media, and they are owned by companies who want to protect politician they are buy “favors” from.

    In addition to cutting government down to size, we need to allow the free market to cut companies, labor unions, and nonprofits down to size. These big collectives promote big government and sucking off the tax payer.

  4. livinrightinpgh

    The MSM and the Obama Administration follow the same playbook: Act all concerned for about two seconds…. promise FULL disclosure in a timely manner…..delay….delay…..delay…..THEN, say there are more pressing issues and declare the event is WAY in the past….

    Oh, and if you keep bringing it up…..YOU are a racist.

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