Why is the Media ignoring the rampant Sexual Abuse in our Public Schools??


Here’s a test: just Google “teacher student abuse“. You’ll get millions of classroom statutory rape articles. If you Google “teacher student sex“, you get more… a LOT more.

Like this one:

(via WTSP News) – “…For the first time, we are hearing from the Polk County school district about a Lakeland teacher who, according to police, admitted to having sex with her 17-year-old student. 10 News has learned critical red flags may have been missed with Jennifer Fichter because the Polk County school superintendent said she falsified her employment application….”

Or like this one:

(via CBS 11 News; North Texas) – “…A Collin County teacher is out on bond, after deputies arrested her on allegations that she had an improper relationship with a student. Saralyn Portwood, 30, is a special education teacher at Princeton High School. Philip Anthony, the Superintendent of Princeton Independent School District, says the allegations first surfaced late last week. 

Anthony says teachers at the high school reported rumors among students that Portwood had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old male student at the school…”

Or this one:

(via the New York Daily News) – “…An Oregon teacher was sentenced to a month in jail for sexually abusing one of her former students — after another alleged victim sued the woman, claiming her cop husband threatened him with a gun. Denise Keesee, 38, was convicted of two counts of second-degree sex abuse on Monday for molesting one of her students while teaching at Sherwood High School just southwest of Portland…”

Or this one:

(via CBS News; Burbank, California) – “…Amy Beck, a teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School, surrendered to the Burbank Police Department on Monday for allegedly having sex with one of her students. The 33-year-old English and social science teacher was booked on suspicion of lewd or lascivious acts with a child of 14 or 15 years and was held on $400,000 bail…”

Or this one:

(via ABC 15; Phoenix, AZ) – “…A former Valley teacher and coach has been sentenced to one year in prison and seven years of supervised probation after being accused of sexual abuse that goes back at least 30 years. Whitehead was fired in November 2011 after two former Brophy Prep students claimed he had molested them. 

At the time, the students didn’t want to contact police, but police conducted an investigation anyway and found that Whitehead allegedly invited students to his home, gave them alcohol and then tried to fondle them…”

Or this one:

(via CBS News, Los Angeles) – “…Authorities have arrested a 44-year-old female teacher at Yucaipa High School for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old male student. On Thursday, April 17, 2014 detectives from the Crimes Against Children Detail, and personnel from the Yucaipa Sheriff’s Station, contacted the 16-year-old student who acknowledged having sex with Heacock.  He said the abuse began in January 2014 and continued through March 2014…”

Or this one:

(via NBC News; Estero, FL) – “…The Department of Children and Families is investigating a teacher and coach at Estero High School. Domenic Frank, a French and Spanish teacher who also coached varsity boy’s soccer, was fired this week after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.

…the teen is struggling mentally with the situation.  We spoke to the teen on Thursday. Distressed and heartbroken, the sophomore claimed she and Frank were in love. When asked how long the two had been involved, she responded “long enough.”  Though, it was uncovered that the sophomore was 16 when the investigation began…”

Or this one:

(via the New Hampshire Union Leader) – “…A Stevens High School math teacher was fired as details came out in court Monday about his alleged relationship with a 14-year-old student.

Police said Christopher LeBlanc, 29, sexually assaulted the girl in a classroom as well as his home and a friend’s house…”

Or this one:

(via New York Daily News again) – “…A Pennsylvania high school teacher is facing felony charges after she was caught having sex with one of her students. Emily Nesbit, 31, of South Middleton Township, admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old student, including one encounter that took place in a classroom as recent as two weeks ago, Cumberland County authorities said. 

Nesbit was an 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School before she abruptly resigned on Wednesday, two days after school officials learned of her alleged hook-ups, PennLive.com reported. She turned herself into police on Friday and was charged with institutional sexual assault. 

Frankly, we’ve had too many of these cases involving school employees,” Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said…”

Gee, you don’t say? And yet, each of these cases is reported as an oddity, a local exception to the rule. No pattern; no larger context. How is this possible? Why are they not the leading national headlines on the nightly news?


We’ve covered this previously (both here and here, for starters). But we’re just a blog: where’s the coverage from the alleged professionals?

Could it possibly be that the media is so blind in their adoration of public school teachers that they simply won’t allow themselves to see a staggeringly gigantic problem that’s directly in front of them?

It’s well-known that our Media and the various Teachers Unions are fellow travelers along the liberal road to Utopia, but don’t national reporters have kids in schools, too? Is the national Press now so completely devoid of integrity that they’re willing to sacrifice their own children to these monsters, rather than actually investigate and start connecting the dots?

These are sexual predators being PAID to have direct access to their prey, otherwise known as “our children”. This is leading lambs to slaughter.

Yet it persists.  Slate.com had an article a couple years ago where they surmised that “about 10 percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse during their school careers“, and that 1-in-1o students had likely experienced inappropriate sexual conduct from a teacher or other school employee“.


“…If these numbers are representative of the student population nationwide, 4.5 million students currently in grades K-12 have suffered some form of sexual abuse by an educator, and more than 3 million have experienced sexual touching or assault. This number would include both inappropriate romantic relationships between teachers and upperclassmen, and outright pedophilia…”  

If that is even close to accurate, how is this not on every front page, every day?

The Mainstream Media could write a couple of these posts every week. Imagine if:

  • NBC News started their nightly broadcast by examining the commonalities between these offenders.
  • Or if ABC demanded new guidelines and safeguards be implemented, immediately.
  • Or if the New York Times merely pursued this story with the same gusto that they attack a Sarah Palin or a Ted Cruz.

We might see this issue start to reverse itself not in months, but in weeks.

That they don’t do ANY of that makes our Fourth Estate more than merely guilty of ignoring these crimes: it makes them complicit IN them.

13 responses to “Why is the Media ignoring the rampant Sexual Abuse in our Public Schools??

  1. “but don’t national reporters have kids in schools, too?” … well yes, but they are in elite private schools and their academic leaders are thoroughly vetted, dont’cha know.

    Besides, they are all way too busy reporting on the young gentleman who asked Miss America to prom… because the gross, feminist wanna be womens are crying “sexual harassment”. So, how must one expect the media to report on REAL sexual harassment and/or abuse, when they are working very diligently for it to be redefined??!

    p/s: America! SAVE THE CHILDREN! Home School.

    • Truth does not fear inquiry

      This is exactly what is going on in Canada! The public school board teaches gross homosexuality but disallows healthy male and female teenage relationships. Male students get suspended if the female claims harassment, and one of my colleagues complained that a Grade 9 male risk going to jail and registering as a sex offender because a female in his school complained he assaulted her, which was later proven to be false and a case of revenge.

      Female teacher scandals are numerous in the school board I work at in Canada. Most get covered up by time the parents are aware. The offending teacher sometimes get re-assigned to another school or placed i a next department. The Toronto District School Board is known to do this type of cover up and I don’t know why they go easy on these female teachers.

  2. This began what, a couple of decades ago? Wonder what changed? When I was a kid, I can’t think of a single case of teachers sexually abusing kids unless it was in college…even then it was forbidden.

    I have said for years, children are not safe in public schools.

    • Truth does not fear inquiry

      It’s gotten worse in Canada, but male teachers are scared shit to teach nowadays because any allegation gets immediately published in the media, yet the female teachers get sugarcoated articles which sound like a page from a soft porn book.

      I can attest, the school boards and teachers unions in Canada will censor anyone who points out individual cases because they cover up the scandals from the media and public. The Toronto Star published that fact several times.

  3. Female teachers who are having sex with their male students hasn’t been such a big deal as far as the media is concerned. It seems that only in the past few years that it’s gotten any exposure at all. It’s really something that was practically unheard of until fairly recently. Why? I wish I had the answer for that one.

    • Truth does not fear inquiry

      It hasn’t been serious in Canada until the Mens Rights Movement started to enlighten the men about how feminism is destroying heterosexual relationships, leaving men with no other option but satisfying their thirst with older women.

      The internet is growing awareness about the female teacher sex scandals, but in Canada they sugarcoat the article to make it sound not as serious. Read up on teacher cases like Mary Gowans and Tania Pontbriand and you’ll see a feminist bias towards their conduct. Mary Gowans had to resign because she was lucky she wasn’t charged for grooming the student. North America is a fucked up feminist shithole why do they punish 18 year old males for approaching 17 year old girls but allow 50 year old female teachers to groom, manipulate and bang adolescent students. This is certainly not healthy.

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  6. Truth does not fear inquiry

    To tell you honestly in Canada, the media FEARS the teachers union because of defamation lawsuits.

    Feminism also plays a role too, because a lot of men in Canada are emasculated and can’t think for themselves, and they endorse the cougar lifestyle.

    Just look at how these female teachers use the justice system to censor people over issues of public interest. The Toronto Star did an investigation on one of the administrators which didn’t publish her name. Another female administrator suspended a student over his criticism, and the third one was transferred to another school over allegations of involving the car. Only the student suspension allegation was published in 2010, but one journalist was threatened with a lawsuit by an anonymous person after it was published.

    This is why the media hesitates to report on serious matters of teacher incompetence:

    In Re Application of Ontario Principals’ Council, Gordana Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou, Varla Abrams
    Movant: Varla Abrams, Vivian Mavrou, Ontario Principals' Councel and Gordana Stefulic

    Case Number: 5:2014mc80186
    Filed: June 18, 2014
    Court: California Northern District Court
    Office: San Jose Office
    County: Santa Clara
    Presiding Judge: Beth Labson Freeman
    Referring Judge: Howard R. Lloyd
    Nature of Suit: Other Statutory Actions
    Jury Demanded By: None

    A 2nd court order by the Ontario Principals Council-
    Ontario Principals’ Council, et al. v. Hall, et al. – Document 4
    Court Description:

    ORDER signed by Magistrate Judge Kendall J. Newman on 12/20/13 ORDERING that Applicants ex parte application for an order pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1782 granting Applicants leave to conduct discovery in this district for use in contemplated forei gn litigation (ECF No. 1 ) is GRANTED IN PART along the terms outlined in this order; Applicants may serve on Hall and Privacy Tools subpoenas in substantially similar form to those attached as Exhibits A and B to the application, setting a reaso nable date for compliance; Hall, Privacy Tools, and/or any other interested person may raise objections and/or move to quash or modify the subpoena, as appropriate, prior to the date by which compliance is requested. Before the filing of any motion, the parties, entities, or persons involved shall meet and confer in good faith in accordance with Local Rule 251. Furthermore, pending resolution of any such motion by the court, Hall and Privacy Tools shall make appropriate efforts to maintain a nd not destroy any documents responsive to the subpoenas; Any documents produced pursuant to the subpoenas may be used solely for purposes of preparing for contemplated litigation in Canada, and shall not be disclosed to persons other than Appli cants or Applicants counsel. Other than the specific names, contact information, and/or IP numbers requested in the subpoenas, Hall and/or Privacy Tools shall redact any financial or other confidential information (such as government identity numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) related to the users prior to producing any responsive documents; Applicants shall serve a copy of this order on Hall and Privacy Tools along with any subpoena. (Becknal, R)

    Third court order by Ontario Principals Council by the same female administrators

    Ontario Principals’ Council et al v. Giglinx Global Incorporated
    Defendant: Giglinx Global Incorporated
    Plaintiff: Ontario Principals' Council, Gordana Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou and Varla Abrams
    Case Number: 2:2014mc00050
    Filed: July 11, 2014
    Court: Arizona District Court
    Office: Phoenix Division Office
    County: XX Outside USo
    Presiding Judge: Steven P Logan
    Nature of Suit: Other Statutory Actions
    Cause of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case

  7. Truth does not fear inquiry

    Americans you must know that the pinko feminists from the Canadian school boards are using your justice system to sue anyone who criticizes their conduct. And the teachers union approve of this! How sickening!

  8. I thought Gordy Stefulic retired because she was refused the promotion she expected. Lets face it the opinions of the interview panel must have been influenced by all the posts over the last dozen years. Where there is smoke there must be a fire.

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