Student suspended for questioning CT Governor on Gun Legislation

Shut up

If you’re one of the many folks upset about Connecticut’s new gun laws, that state’s governor has a message for you: Shut Up.

Courtesy of the Daily Caller:

“…student Nicholas Saucier tried to get (Democratic Governor Dannel ) Malloy to answer questions about his support for gun control legislation, which has put Saucier’s ammunition manufacturing business in jeopardy. Saucier followed Malloy to his car after the governor finished speaking at a public forum at Asnuntuck Community College.

The exchange took place in October of last year, and was captured on video…” 

Sounds relatively harmless so far, right?

Now here’s the video:

First of all, it’s a fact that Connecticut’s newest gun laws are incredibly onerous, so it’s not surprising that Nicholas Saucier is upset about the viability of his ammo manufacturing business. However, if this young man had actually harassed and/or threatened Governor Malloy, is there any chance that he wouldn’t simply have been arrested on the spot?

And yet, that’s exactly what the governor alleged:

(via – “…Based on this conversation, ACC suspended Saucier and charged him with violations of its Policy on Student Conduct, including harassment, threats, and failure to “[d]emonstrate good citizenship by not engaging in conduct prohibited by federal, state, or other laws.” Saucier chose to defend himself in a formal hearing, rather than agree to an informal resolution requiring him to plead guilty to all charges, withdraw, and submit to a mandatory professional evaluation for readmission.

FIRE - Foundation for Individual Rights in Eductaion

At his November 18 hearing, ACC gave itself discretion to “decide what information is appropriate” for consideration, then refused to review Saucier’s videos showing his speech to be protected by the First Amendment. It also prohibited any recording of the hearing, depriving Saucier of a fundamental safeguard colleges routinely afford students.

These unwritten abridgements to ACC’s written procedures severely impaired Saucier’s ability to defend himself.

ACC found Saucier guilty of all charges. It lifted Saucier’s suspension but placed him on probation with the condition that any future conduct violations “will likely result in Suspension or Expulsion from the College. In a letter sent January 13, FIRE called on ACC to reverse its severe violations of Saucier’s free speech and due process rights.

The college has failed to respond…” 

This whole situation is beyond ridiculous. There’s certainly nothing on the video which shows that the student was guilty of what was alleged, other than asking an elected official questions about gun-&-ammo legislation. Furthermore, the fact that:

  1. the school refused to allow Saucier to record the hearing,
  2. they refused to review his video, and most tellingly of all, they
  3. then “lifted” their suspension, which certainly makes it appear they were simply trying to save face here, both for the school and for Governor Malloy.

If actual harassment or threats had occurred, it stretches credulity to think that Saucier’s suspension would’ve been lifted. This smacks of pure intimidation, especially with the caveat that any future conduct violations would “likely result in Suspension or Expulsion”. 

In other words: shut your mouth, kid, and we’ll let you stay in school. You’re welcome.

Easy question: if Mr. Saucier had belonged to one of any combination of “approved” groups (black, Hispanic, female, gay, Muslim, etc.,) is there any doubt that both the college and the governor would have handled this …”differently”? But instead, Nicholas was a white male and, even worse, a 2nd Amendment proponent.

Sorry, dude: you’re no longer eligible for “rights” these days.

Peter Bonilla, Director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program, summed-up this entire debacle:

“…This case stands as a startling example of what can happen when disrespect for student First Amendment rights is combined with disregard for student due process rights…”

So thanks so much, Governor Malloy: you certainly have demonstrated to your constituents how much you appreciate hearing from them!

And thanks also to Asnuntuck Community College: you’re giving quite an education to your student body, although you might not be teaching them quite what you’d intended.

17 responses to “Student suspended for questioning CT Governor on Gun Legislation

  1. livinrightinpgh

    So…Harassment is challenging someone on the Left about their ideology? Yeah…THAT makes sense. Once again, we see the great defenders of free speech and due process in their TRUE form: Shutting people up with fear and intimidation tactics and depriving them of their Constitutional right to defend themselves fully.

    • I’m almost disappointed that they didn’t accuse him of Racism. Almost.

      Heck, the Left has attributed everything ELSE to Racism lately; can’t see why they’d stop now…

      • livinrightinpgh

        Racism against WHITE governors is definitely on the rise….

      • When I was in school in northern Indiana in the late 60s, we had racial problems. Once we fought, it was over. We didn’t have a race-baiting president stirring the pot.

  2. “If you don’t agree with us, SHUT UP!” is the non stop message from the entire progressive left… tolerant, huh?

    • As I mentioned to Bunkerville over at his blog yesterday:
      somewhere along the line someone changed the working definition of what “tolerant” meant, and forgot to tell me.

      • Ain’t that the truth. Someone continually changes the definition of words… to the point that we never know which word is allowed to be used. They purposely choose the words which have political implications, so they can always be in the lead on what is acceptable. Which is why, IMO, holding on tightly to the Constitution (being a land of law) is so important to combat political correctness and all the different groups that demand their way. hmmm… ‘they’ like confusion. Sounds a lot like another entity we know (the author of confusion). 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Objectivism for Intellectuals and commented:
    First, government officials come after your Second Amendment rights. Then, when you peacefully question them about it and tell them that they’re destroying your business, government officials violate your First Amendment rights to shut you up! (Note that Asnuntuck Community College is a public/government institution.) All hail the coming police state!

    • Thanks for the reblog and the Reddit posting, Apollo!

      This situation is worrisome not just because of what happened, but also by the complete media blackout, as well.
      Just think of the outcry, however, if we changed just a couple of the details of this example. You’d have the Mozilla/Eich imbroglio all over again, instead of the comparative crickets which greeted this.

      Troubling times, my friend.
      Troubling times…

    • Thanks for the reblog, buddy….

      I swear, the Left is working 24/7 to undermine every single admirable aspect of our nation. Too often these days I find myself no longer recognizing my country…

  4. Just noted an article, probably from the Daily Caller, not sure, that stated college and university students are losing rights quickly now. Here it is:,660094

    Don’t think this has to do with the restriction of rights for just any student. It has to do with conservative students. Just like the IRS scandal.

  5. Extremism in the destruction of liberty is no vice?

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