The Lies Liberals Tell Themselves

Liberal Bias

There exists an almost endless series of examples of how liberals delude themselves into believing they alone are intelligent, scholarly pragmatists, while simultaneously holding that we on the Right are shallow thinkers, allowing all of our decisions to be dictated solely by our extremist “partisanship”.

This is, to use a clinical term, hogwash.

One of my favorite personal favorites is from my home state, where in the 2008 election Massachusetts (yet again) voted overwhelmingly for every Democrat in sight. But obviously that was just out of highly-nuanced “pragmatism”, since over HALF of the state’s voters registered themselves as “Independent”.

Only to a liberal could “Independent” be translated to mean simply “deciding which Democrat to vote for”.

But for a more recent case-in-point, we have the following from Jim Geraghty over at National Review.

It seems that the Washington Post‘s editorial board has just discovered that their intelligent, “pragmatic” decision to endorse longtime Democrat money-man and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe for Virginia’s Governor last year may not have been so intelligent after all.

washington_post - 8575Geraghty includes this from the Post‘s original endorsement last year:

“…as a candidate for governor Mr. McAuliffe has taken sensible stands on key issues, and he has had the political savvy to stay mostly on message. Critically, he embraced the transportation funding bill enacted by a bipartisan majority of the General Assembly this year, a measure that will ensure that the state’s roads and rails keep pace with a 21st-century economy…” 

So: “sensible”, “savvy”, and “bipartisan”. Yay!! McAuliffe was just like them, …or at least how they see themselves. And of course, he was a sight better than that crazy right-wing Republican nutter, Ken Cuccinelli.

But now the Post seems dumbfounded to learn that Terry McAuliffe has reverted to form a scant three months into his term:

“…IT’S HARD to think of a more tone-deaf political move lately than Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s unveiling of his Common Good Virginia PAC, which peddles dinners and sit downs with Mr. McAuliffe, a Democrat, his wife and unnamed “policy experts” for fat cats with a policy agenda for fees reaching $100,000…” 

QuidProQuo - 746

Hey, Washington Post editors! You guys endorsed a professional Democrat fundraiser to become your state’s governor. What exactly did you think he was going to do? After all, it’s not as if you weren’t warned: the very man whom you scorned for Governor told you this would happen during the debates:

CUCCINELLI – “…You know, the comparison here is someone who has told the New York Times, you know, “You help me, I help you. That’s politics,” talking about a case where he was an unindicted co-conspirator in a teamsters election money laundering case.

I mean, if– if Terry’s elected governor, we’re gonna have to change the state motto from “Sic Semper Tyrannis” to “Quid Pro Quo.” 

If the Left was truly honest and “pragmatic”, the Post would admit that what they were terming sensible and savvy was McAuliffe merely being predictably duplicitous and self-serving. Why, it’s almost as if they were blinded by “ideology” when they made their endorsement.

No, no… that’d be crazy.


8 responses to “The Lies Liberals Tell Themselves

  1. livinrightinpgh

    Sounds a LOT like the spin we heard in 2008 regarding a widely UNKNOWN candidate named Barack Hussein Obama…..

    • Definitely, Pgh: Barack was sensible, non-ideological, pragmatic. He was building a Lincoln-esque “team of rivals” in his Cabinet. He was just so gosh-darned smart, you’d have to be stupid NOT to vote for him.

      See? Voting for the Democrat is ALWAYS what the “smart” people do. Never, ever, ever is voting for the guy or gal with an (R) after their name the “intelligent” decision.

      It’s odd how that always works out that way, isn’t it? 😉

    • I was thinking the same thing. Why are people amazed when someone is elected and then does exactly what they say they were going to do? Maybe it’s because mosf don’t.

  2. Maybe next they can rent out the bedrooms in the governor’s mansion…wait, this sounds familiar…

  3. They absolutely DON’T believe their hogwash…. they only expect the general public to. And thanks to informative blogs like this one and the little bit of common sense God bestowed upon me…. I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!

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