The aborted-babies-as-clinical-waste story mustn’t be ignored, or forgotten


The NHS babies-as-heating-fuel story was so horrific, so impossible sounding, that it almost literally defied belief. We were (and are) understandably tempted to look away, ignore it, or convince ourselves it didn’t happen. Or at least that it somehow certainly couldn’t happen again.

But we can’t: it did happen. It is real. And for it not to happen again demands not only our examination, but our courage and our honesty, as well.

We saw last year with the Kermit Gosnell trial that the press doesn’t like covering stories which make it uncomfortable. So we have to seek out the truth, and we have to remember it, and we have to tell it to others.

And in case of this story we’d better do it quickly. Before it, like its innocent subjects, is tossed away and forgotten:

10 responses to “The aborted-babies-as-clinical-waste story mustn’t be ignored, or forgotten

  1. livinrightinpgh

    I have no words…..

  2. Words don’t fail me now…they just did. That is a sickening story.

  3. I thought the “incinerated along with other hospital rubbish” line was a particularly nice touch. *barf*

  4. Thank you so much for keeping this issue at the forefront of the battle. Like you say, it’s so easy to pretend like these things don’t happen. Yesterday my wife worked on the PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center ) and two young ladies gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Staying proactive in our communities is the only way we can fight this evil. Thank you so much for posting this JTR

  5. Most people want to stay away from this information. It’s very hard to read and understand.
    And it shows the new disrespect for human life.
    We are in a horrible decline today, into what the evolutionists started.
    Rebellion against God which is the original sin. It’s hard to be light in this environment sometimes and it might get alot harder.

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